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Early Interventions Successful: Diabetes Screening

Primary care physicians are suggesting that early screening for pre-diabetes can result in 47% less chance of developing full blown diabetes. Previously, earlier diabetes screening was only recommended for persons with higher heart disease risk.


Testing for pre-diabetes can assess increased blood sugar levels before significant issues begin and potentially prevent the condition. By implementing treatment programs and lifestyle modifications, at-risk individuals could avoid diabetes altogether.


As a result of this information, primary care physicians are suggesting that all adults age 45 and over should be screened for diabetes. Additionally, there are early screening advisories on persons that are obese, have a family history, or members of the African American and Latino communities.


If pre-diabetes is indicated, diet and exercise modifications should result in a decrease in blood sugar levels and significantly less chance of full blown diabetes. With awareness and treatment, diabetes and pre-diabetes are treatable conditions. Ensure you and your loved ones receive regular medical care and screening for diabetes. Delayed screening only increases the risk of developing a potentially lethal, chronic health condition.

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