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Aspirin Use Could Save 45,000 Lives Annually

Posted on November 24 2014

The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force, who review medical evidence in order to improve American's health, state that an aspirin regimen could save thousands of lives yearly. Though not recommended for everyone, 81mg of aspirin daily could offset risk factors for heart disease and stroke. It is suggested that if 90% of those at risk took aspirin daily, there would be 45,000 less heart attack and stroke deaths yearly.


Are you a candidate for an aspirin regimen?


If you answer yes to any of the questions below, it may be advisable to consult your physician regarding an aspirin regimen.


1) Age and Gender - Men aged 45-79 and women aged 55-79

2) Pre-existing Conditions - Prior stroke, heart attack, obesity, or arrhythmia

3) Total Cholesterol - Total cholesterol over 200 or the use of cholesterol medications

4) HDL Cholesterol - HDL levels below 40

5) LDL Cholesterol - LDL levels above 130

6) Tobacco Use - Smoker

7) Systolic Blood Pressure - Systolic pressure levels (top number) over 135


Potential risks of taking aspirin daily


Though aspirin usage can yield significant health benefits, the following risks make daily usage inadvisable.


1) Already using a blood thinner

2) Combined use with NSAIDs

3) Existence of stomach ulcers


Making the decision


A daily aspirin regimen can help those at risk of heart disease or stroke to deter a fatal incident. Always consult a physician in conjunction with medical decisions to decide if it is right in your case and what the potential cautions may be.


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