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Blue Eyes Plus Red Hair Increases Melanoma Risk

It is often assumed that persons with blue eyes and/or red hair tend to have fair complexions and have increased sensitivity to Ultra Violet exposure. A recent study not only confirms this link, but also correlates these traits with an increase in moles and freckles. These markings are often identified as precursors, and sometimes symptoms, of melanoma.


Over the course of a four year study, nearly 500 children were monitored for moles and freckles. It was found year over year that more moles and freckles were found, and this also increased with the frequency and duration of sun exposure. Additionally, children with both traits were likely to have larger moles.


Unfortunately, the larger the number of moles developed over a lifetime, the more likely the risk for developing melanoma. However, the diagnosis of melanoma often occurs well into adulthood. For this reason, researchers are urging at risk individuals to take precautions starting from early experiences with sunlight exposure.


Precautions against Melanoma


- Limit exposure to UV light

- Use sunscreen and other products to protect skin

- Wear hats

- Stay in the shade

- Consult a physician regularly to check moles and freckles

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