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Holiday Tips for Caregivers

The holidays can be a particularly tiring time, especially for those providing care to those affected by age or illness. As a result, the National Institutes of Health released some helpful tips to make the holiday festivities a bit easier. Though it is realistic to assume there will be some additional challenges, caregivers can still enjoy the festivities with friends and family that make the holidays worth sharing.


It is important to celebrate the holidays with loved ones, and that caregivers include those affected by age an illness as much as possible. The following suggestions may help for a safer and happy holiday season:


1) Be realistic about activities and be understanding of potential limitations


2) Ask others to visit rather than going out, and try to limit the number at one time


3) Plan gatherings around times that are better for the affected individual


4) Try to avoid crowds, unfamiliar environments or situations that may cause anxiety


5) Caregivers should make a point to take some time for themselves


6) Keep a room available for the affected individual to rest quietly when necessary


Chronic and age related illness can be difficult for both the individual and caregivers, but it does not need to cast a dark shadow on holiday celebrations. With a bit of planning, holiday festivities can be an enjoyable experience shared by all.

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