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Diabetes Management and Mental Decline

Posted on December 12 2014

Recently, researchers have found a strong correlation between the control of diabetes and cognitive decline. This data has strengthened the opinion of the medical community that effective management of diabetes has a much greater affect than on just the directly affected systems. A byproduct of another study, this information has reinforced that for those in middle to later stage aging should continue to maintain a proper diet and regular exercise for overall wellness.


Initially, this particular study was designed to study the risk of atherosclerosis by analyzing data from over 13,000 adults. Atherosclerosis is the hardening of the arteries and can affect a variety of body systems. During the study period spanning 2 decades, participants were monitored for general health, conditions like diabetes, and underwent assessments for learning, memory, language, and executive function.


As a result of this analysis, it was found that among persons with diabetes in the study, there was a 19% greater cognitive decline in those with poorly managed diabetes. These participants were at greater risk of conditions like dementia.


The conclusion formed by researchers was that to have a healthier mind later in life, the individual must make healthy decisions in middle age.


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