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Sticking to Weight Loss Resolutions

One of the most common resolutions made at the beginning of each year includes losing weight. There are a growing number of diets, medications, and exercise plans available, but researchers suggest that many of these are doomed to failure. In general, the best way to effectively lose weight is to stick to a well balanced diet and exercise regimen.


Suggestions from leading dieticians to effectively lose weight include maintaining a varied and healthy diet, planning meals and snacks, tracking your eating habits, and keeping well hydrated. Food intake should not limit the food groups consumed, but should instead include a mixture primarily consisting of fruits and vegetables. Starting meals with a salad or broth can help to ensure high water content to aid in digestion. Researchers also suggest using smaller plates to help control portions, and eating food slowly, chewing thoroughly.


In addition to well monitored intake, varied exercise programs can help to shed unwanted pounds. A comprehensive program includes aerobics, resistance training, and stretching. Aerobic fitness alone helps to burn calories, but may also stimulate appetite and should be combined with resistance training to build calorie-burning muscle. Effective stretching will help to ensure continuity of your fitness goals.


In order to help stick to your weight loss resolution, create a plan that is manageable and track your progress regularly. Exercise and fitness goals will help to keep the ideal target in sight.

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