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Caring for Those with the Flu

This flu season is expected to be severe due to the resurgence of H3N2 which has mutated into a more aggressive strain of the virus. Already by the end of December there were cases identified in nearly every state with 15 pediatric deaths reported. Spokespeople for the CDC and National Institutes of Health are urging the flu shot and vigilance regarding containment and disinfection. If someone you know is affected by the flu, tips have been issued to help prevent the spread.


Caring for Someone Affected by the Flu:

1) Keep the affected individual isolated to a room and limit exposure of healthy persons.


2) Wash hands frequently and use sanitizer, especially after any contact.


3) If a child is affected, hold the child with their chin over your shoulder to direct coughs away from your face.


4) Keep the home well ventilated.


5) Wash and disinfect all surfaces and linens regularly to minimize transmission.


Though this flu strain mutated too late to be included in this year's flu vaccine, the medical community is still urging citizens to get vaccinated. This is especially important for children and the elderly who are at the highest risk.

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