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More Colds in Cold Weather

Posted on January 12 2015

Based on observational evidence, it has often been asserted that colds occur more frequently in the colder months. Until recently, little research was performed to assess the reasoning behind this observation. It was found that there may indeed be a correlation between virus replication and cold temperatures.


Most of the research regarding the Rhinovirus, or cold, has focused strictly on the virus itself. In laboratory testing, it was observed that the virus replicates no slower or faster in cold versus warm temperatures. However, when testing the variation in temperature, it was found that the resultant immune response did vary. When temperatures were colder, tested at 91 Fahrenheit vs. 99 Fahrenheit, the defense signals used to block virus replication were not triggered.


As this test was not at the heart of the original research, there is more study necessary to validate these findings. Though, these findings indicate that there is indeed a correlation between temperature and the spread of the common cold.


Until a more conclusive result is found, researchers still advise cautious behavior in the colder months to limit the transmission of the 100 varieties of rhinovirus.


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