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Ebola Epidemic Coming to an End?

According to a recent computer model of Ebola infections in Liberia, there is hope of total containment by June of 2015. This model, which combines hospitalization and burial rates is thought to be one of the most reliable sets of data yet compiled. This comes as good news to these communities and to health organizations who have been helping to combat the epidemic.


Ebola, which has occurred periodically but never at this magnitude, is spread rapidly through direct contact with the body fluids of infected persons. Significant research and funding has been implemented to improve personal protection, build treatment and containment facilities, treat those affected, and bury safely those that could not be saved. This recent outbreak spanning Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia has resulted in 21,000 confirmed Ebola cases and over 8,300 resultant deaths.


Pursuant to these data models, researchers are predicting that at current levels of treatment the Ebola epidemic can be contained by the middle of this year. If provisions are made available to add 1,400 beds to treatment facilities, this could halve the expected number of new cases.


Researchers are stressing, however, that this model is a prediction and that the current level of vigilance must be maintained or even increased to resolve the epidemic. Personal protective equipment combined with rigorous treatment and burial methods must be employed to affect containment and help end the crisis.

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