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Pain Climbing Stairs May Signal Arthritis

Research into the onset of osteoarthritis symptoms has led study authors to conclude that knee pain while climbing the stairs may be the first noticeable symptom of arthritis. A study that included over 4,600 participants identified at-risk individuals and tracked their condition over a 7 year period. These indications may help to earlier address arthritis symptoms and alleviate the progression of chronic pain.


During the course of this study, researchers at the University of Leeds in England found that the first weight-bearing activity that caused arthritis symptoms to manifest was climbing the stairs. After, these same patients often developed pain while walking, standing, or even lying down. It is the hope of the researchers that by identifying early symptoms, they can intercept symptoms before they worsen.


As arthritis is a progressive condition, early intervention can lead to treatment and the prevention of debilitating pain. There are a variety of treatments and supplements for osteoarthritis and related conditions that can keep systems functioning and reduce related pain. Further research is necessary to identify causes and potential early life treatments, but this is good news for future arthritis sufferers.

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