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Large-Scale Pain Management Research

In a joint effort between the National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, and Department of Veteran's affairs, discussion is being held regarding pain management. Chronic pain affects 100 million Americans, and is incredibly common among military personnel ad veterans. These agencies have decided that large-scale research into effective pain management methods is a high priority.


The suggestions for ongoing research center around an integrative approach to management of chronic pain using holistic, physical, complimentary, and drug therapies. Of significant importance is minimizing the involvement of opioids and other drugs which although effective present an inherent risk.


In combining to perform this scale of pain management research, a large population can help to produce results that will benefit all Americans. Conceptually, this patient centric approach will leverage existing resources and natural solutions wherever possible to manage and treat chronic pain. Early identification and treatment is key to achieving success in this area.

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