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Common Dermatologic Conditions in Athletes

Athletes and sports enthusiasts are at risk of a variety of medical conditions beyond sprains, fractures, and bruising. Many of the most common conditions affecting athletes are dermatological and include burns, blisters, and athlete's foot. Athletes can take steps to reduce their risk of these common dermatologic conditions, promote natural protection, and healing.


Turf burns are common and can increase the patient's risk of infection. These can be prevented by wearing additional padding. If athletes do experience turf burns, it may help to apply a friction reducing substance like petroleum jelly and covering the burn with an adhesive dressing.


Another friction related dermatologic conditions found among athletes includes blisters that can be aggravated by heat and moisture. Wearing synthetic, wicking clothing can help to keep the skin cool and dry and prevent blistering. If blisters do form, they can be drained from one small point, provided care is taken to keep the blister as intact as possible.


A common dermatologic condition well known to athletes is athlete's foot. This is a fungal condition that often can be prevented by wearing moisture wicking socks and taking care to protect the feet from surfaces in locker rooms and showers. Anti-fungal creams and sprays are available to fight the infection and soothe symptoms.

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