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Allergy Medication For Your Springtime Allergies

Spring showed up late this year, but it's gratifying to finally be able to spend afternoons out in the sun and see the flowers in bloom...unless, of course, you have seasonal springtime allergies. Warm weather is much less inviting when you're sneezing and coughing, and it's hard to appreciate nature with watery, itchy eyes. But, for those of you who want to brave the allergens in the air or are looking for some relief, we've got some products that will help you experience springtime at your best. 

Springtime Allergy Relief Medications

1. Allegra Allergy 24-Hour Relief Tablets

The biggest source of allergic reactions in the spring is pollen, which fills the air as plants and trees bloom and spreads with the spring breeze. When we breathe it in, our immune system sees pollen as dangerous and releases antibodies called histamines to attack. Allergic symptoms are largely our bodies' way of jettisoning foreign particles. But when those particles are unavoidable, like pollen, you'll want an antihistamine to shut down the reaction itself. Allegra Allergy Tablets give you 24 hours of relief from sneezing, coughing, runny noses, and watery eyes, without putting you to sleep like other antihistamines. When you want to enjoy the springtime and breathe easier, choose Allegra Allergy 24-Hour Relief.

2. Claritin Non-Drowsy 24-Hour Relief Allergy Medicine

If you've played a spring sport, you might know how frustrating allergies can be: you want to compete at your best, but it's hard to stay focused and energetic on the field when you're congested. Claritin Non-Drowsy Allergy Medicine gives 24-hour relief from the symptoms of seasonal allergies without tiring you out. And unlike other antihistamines, it's recommended for both adults and children 6 and up! When you need to be at your best during the springtime, whether at work, on the playing field, or in the classroom, choose Claritin Non-Drowsy 24-Hour Relief.
For the younger children, you can also try: Children's Claritin Grape Chewable Tablets

3. Triamcinolone Acetonide Nasal Spray

This is the generic formulation of the drug popularly known as Nasacort. It's a corticosteroid typically used to treat the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, allergy symptoms that cause sneezing, congestion, sinus pressure, and itchy or runny nose. Taken in the form of a nasal spray, daily use will reduce inflammation in the nostrils. Allergies can occur year-round, and during winter indoor allergies like mold, dust mites, and pet dander may be more prevalent in your life than usual. When you need a respite from disruptive sneezing and painful sinus pressure, Perrigo's nasal spray will give you 24-hour relief.

4. NasaMist Saline Nasal Decongestant Spray

An antihistamine can help with itching, redness, sneezing, and watery eyes, but if allergies have made you congested, you'll need something else. A decongestant can shrink the blood vessels in your nose, reducing swelling and helping you breathe easier. While a corticosteroid can treat swelling, you'll get the quickest relief from a nasal decongestant spray. NasaMist is a natural saline spray that extracts water from congested nasal tissue, reducing swelling, soothing irritation, and opening the nasal passageways for better draining and easier breathing. When you're looking for non-prescription relief from congestion, NasaMist is the natural option.

5. Bausch & Lomb Advanced Eye Relief for Allergies

Hay fever's effect on your eyes never fails to make things more aggravating and less convenient. Bausch & Lomb Advanced Eye Relief provides long-lasting comfort to irritated eyes. These drops alleviate redness, discomfort, and that burning sensation while also lubricating your eyes, preventing them from drying out or becoming irritated again. When your eyes need maximum relief from seasonal allergies, choose Bausch & Lomb Advanced Eye Relief.

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