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Our Top 10 Daily Living Aids to Enhance Your Independence

Daily living aids provide individuals with a better, more efficient living experience, which leads to enhanced independence. Here at Mountainside Medical, we offer a wide variety of products that can help you and your family members with every day life, including products such as: enhanced home safety, products to make tasks, such as eating or getting dressed easier, and products to increase your mobility. 

We have compiled a list of our favorite daily living products below. Be sure to check out our full selection on our website: 

Mountainside Medical's Top 10 Daily Living Aids to Regain Your Independence

1. 7 Day Pill Holder Box

Our 7 Day Pill Holder box is a convenient and easy to use medication organizer to ensure that there is no hazardous medication mix-ups. This pill holder features easy to open, daily compartments, so that you can manage medications easily at home or on the road. It also features: large type print, braille identification, is dishwasher safe, and is latex free for user safety! 

2. Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic Tip

Inevitably, as we age, sometimes moving around may seem to get a little more challenging. We have the Aluminum Reacher with a Magnetic Tip. If you have limited range of motion, don't let it hold you back. Take hold of the challenges by using the extra reach and unique magnetic tip. It's available in 32" or 26", has a 2.5" jaw opening, a convenient magnetic tip to grab even the smallest item off of the floor, a serrated jaw for secure grips on objects, a slip resistant and contoured handle, and a sturdy aluminum frame.  

3. Able Rise Bed Assist 

The Able Rise Bed Assist is a great assistance tool that allows users to have easy transfers and repositioning in bed. This product is made of a heavy duty contoured plastic, which allows it to be easy to grab. It includes a handy storage compartment for magazines, books, newspapers, or anything you desire. Plus, it is easy to install, as it fits securely between the mattress and box spring. Our bed assist also features an adjustable height, and fits any type of bed - from twin to king size. 

4. Acu-Life Pill Splitter

The Acu-Life Pill Splitter is a convenient tool for splitting medications that are difficult to swallow in one solid piece, or are prescribed to be taken as half doses. The pill cuter features a durable plastic construction, safe blade placement, latex free, and effectively cuts pills of any size, safely and quickly.

5. Door Knob Extension Level

The Doorknob Extender Set is for both right and left handed people. The extender offers a 5" extension handle that converts a doorknob into a door level, providing extra leverage for people with limited hand function. It fits over most standard round doorknobs, and allows complete access to keyholes and locks. No special tools are need, as it can be installed easily with a screwdriver. For easier access, you can also add a cord or string through the unique handle slot.

6. The Bar Magnifier Ruler

Do you wish to better see the tiny font used in books and newspapers? Do you wish the font was more clear? Then the Bar Magnifier may be perfect for you! The Bar Magnifier is for readers who have trouble seeing small print in books, newspapers, or magazines. The ruler magnifies double the regular font for easier reading without straining your eyes.

7. 5 Position Adjustable Back Rest


This 5 position Adjustable Back Rest is an excellent daily living tool that allows patients to get the support they need to sit upright or reclined. The convenient back rest is great for use in beds or chairs, and is adjustable from a low lying angle to an upright sitting position. It sets in 5 positions, is easy to use and clean, is portable, and most importantly, is supportive and adjustable.

8. Hole in One Key Holder


Are smaller items slipping from your grasp? The Hole in One Key Holder is a unique tool that assists users who have hand mobility and dexterity problems. This key holder features room for up to 2 unsheathed keys, has several grasping positions, a loop for a wrist strap, key chain, key ring, or for key hanging storage. Convenient and comfortable to hold, this key holder is lightweight, 5" in length, and provides enhanced leverage that one may need! 

9. Dycem Jar or Bottle Opener

The Dycem Jar and Bottle Opener provides assistance for opening any screw top containers. These openers are excellent for jars, bottles, and child resistant or tamper proof lids. They are a dome shaped design, which allows for the product to sit comfortably in your hand, and allows an additional grip. The dome shape conforms to any container, which allows for extra gripping power. 

10. Dressing Aid Sock Puller

The Molded Stocking Aid is a daily living aid that is specially designed to help individuals put on their own socks with minimal exertion, and without needing to bend, squat, or pull up their legs. Molded to mimic the shape of a foot and uniquely designed with molded cuts on the sides, this product holds the sock open while the user easily slides their foot into the opening, and then as they pull the aid up towards them, their sock is effortlessly pulled up as well. 

All of the products you see above are on sale now! Visit our website for pricing and information, or call us at 1-888-687-4334 to speak with any one of our associates! 

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