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Friday Favorites: Top Five Fall Products for Kids

Friday Favorites: Top Five Fall Products for Kids

 There's no shortage of fun activities in the fall, between Halloween, school sports, and seasonal activities like pumpkin picking and corn mazes. But as the weather gets colder and flu season begins to set in, it's always a good idea to take precautions for your family's health. We've put together this list of items to ensure your family has a happy, healthy season!


1. Listerine Smart Rinse for Kids

We'll be discussing tips for oral care during Halloween season very soon, but if you want to get ahead of Halloween candy this year, try Listerine Smart Rinse for Kids! This flavored oral rinse has been proved to reduce cavities by 40% as compared to brushing alone. With only sixty seconds of swishing a day, your child's teeth will become three times harder. An included dosage meter makes it easy for children to pour the right amount. Make cavity prevention fun with Listerine Smart Rinse!


2. Dynarex Instant Cold Pack

It's not a fun consideration, but with school sports in full swing, the chance for injury, even something as simple as a sprain or a pulled muscle, is always present. Dynarex's instant cold pack is a cryotherapy ice pack for injuries to reduce swelling. Ready when you need them, the cold packs require no special preparation or refrigeration. Store them at room temperature and activate them in an instant with a firm squeeze and a gentle shake. These are an ideal and affordable option for your children to carry with their equipment for whatever fall sport they love! No one wants to see injuries in youth sports, but it's always worth it to prepare for the possibility.


3. Pandemic Swine Flu Family Protection Kit

Pandemic Swine Flu Family Protection Kit with Childrens Masks

Flu season starts ramping up in October, and it doesn't have to be a pandemic to affect your family. Any flu can lead to missed work or school days, expensive doctor's appointments, potentially dangerous symptoms, and days of discomfort. When the flu is running rampant in your school and workplace, safeguard your family with this kit, containing everything you need to prevent cross-contamination both in your household and while traveling. Why endure another flu? Get your yearly flu shot and keep this kit handy for extra assurance.


4. Safetec Instant Hand Sanitizer Packets with Aloe 

With flu season at the door, one of the most effective preventative measures you can take is disinfecting your home. It's easy to catch illnesses at school or work, so why not choose an economical, easy way to handle them? These Safetec Hand Sanitizer Packets include an antiseptic that is designed to kill germs and bacteria on the skin when soap and water isn't readily available. Small, individual packets make it easy for infection control, and allow children to carry them in their pockets wherever they go. They are lightly scented, also enriched with aloe to moisturize, and are made for single use to reduce the risk of cross contamination. This package includes 144 packets for an extremely low price, so set up the box in an easy-to-reach place for your children and get them in the habit of carrying them with their school supplies!


5. Sami the Seal Pediatric Nebulizer Machine

Sami the Seal Pediatric Kids Nebulizer Machine with Mask

Flu season is hard on kids with respiratory conditions, but nebulizers can be scary for a young child. Sitting still can create restlessness and nervous energy on its own, but the noisiness of the machine combined with having to wear a mask can be a frightening prospect for children. This is especially the case if no one else in your family or child's friend group has to use a nebulizer; an unfamiliar machine without a parent or sibling to model its use is alienating. Among the best ways to make the experience less intimidating for a child is to use a machine with a fun, inviting design like this Sami the Seal nebulizer. It even comes with a Tucker Turtle aerosol mask to make the mouthpiece feel friendly as well.

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