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High-Demand Medical and Protective Supplies Available in One Easy to Order Location

High-Demand Medical and Protective Supplies Available in One Easy to Order Location

As the COVID-19 pandemic wears on, retailers around the country continue to report limited stock on many items, with medical supplies in particular having become notoriously difficult to find. Mountainside Medical Equipment has responded to this challenge by launching a special section of its website devoted to COVID-19 products. This new section streamlines website navigation by compiling high-demand medical and protective supplies in one convenient section.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Protection Kit

Among the items included in the COVID-19 collection are hand sanitizer, hand soap, disposable gloves, and disinfectants, and available products range from common consumer goods to hospital grade supplies. One of the featured items is a COVID-19 Protection Kit curated by the Mountainside Medical Equipment staff, which comprises an assortment of hand sanitizer bottles, N95 face masks, and pairs of disposable gloves.

“We’re all too aware of how difficult it is to get medical supplies right now,” says Martin Zarnock, Jr., Vice President of Mountainside Medical Equipment. “Our customers are searching everywhere for disinfectants and masks, and they’re worried about their health and their family’s health. We’re doing everything we can to help them find what they need to stay safe.”

The COVID-19 website section is live and will be continuously updated with new products as well as changes in availability for existing supplies. All COVID-19 products, as well as product information and relevant informational content on the virus, can be found at

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