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Holiday Health Tips

‘Tis the season! The holidays are finally upon us, and it’s a busy time of year. With family traveling to be closer together, cookie baking, and present wrapping, where’s the time for you?

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Whether it’s eating healthy or finding time to exercise, many people find it difficult to stay healthy during the holidays. We have some tips on how your can improvise on the go and keep your mind and body in check this holiday season:

Anticipate the Menu.  Planning on feasting on a multitude of delicious holiday eats? If you’re worried that rich holiday food will ruin your waistline (or doctor-recommended diet plan), try investigating the menu ahead of time. If you don’t see very many options for healthy meals, offer to bring a dish to share that you can eat.

Watch Proportions. While there may be so many great foods to try during the holidays, trying them all in one meal is probably not the best idea. Try eating reasonably proportioned servings during mealtimes. There’ll be plenty of time to try everything over the course of the holiday – why try to jam it all in one meal? Remember, you can always take some leftovers home for later!

Keep a Food Journal. This is an especially good idea for diabetics or those watching their heart health and anyone else on a doctor-recommended diet plan. The many opportunities for grazing and eating leftovers presented by the holidays can make keeping tabs on your diet difficult. Keeping track of what you eat on paper or in your phone is a great way to keep your diet in check and plan for the upcoming days of celebrations.

You are Your Gym. If you’re traveling and there isn’t much time for hitting the gym for your usual work out (or there isn’t a gym where you you’ll be), try doing a few body weight exercises in your room first thing in the morning. Whether it’s planking, push-ups, or yoga, using your body as your gym is a great way to stay in shape, exercise off the extra food you ate and cut down on packing by skipping the weights.

Plan Downtime. Because there’s so much hustle and bustle and family time, many find that taking a time out can really help them to decompress and feel more ready for the celebrations ahead. Whether you’re waking up before everyone for a quiet cup of coffee, or offering to pick up that last minute treat at the grocery store, make sure to get some quiet time in this holiday season.

Mountainside Medical Equipment wishes you and yours a happy and healthy Holiday season!

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