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How to Get Rid Of Lice in Your House

How to Get Rid Of Lice in Your House

Adult lice need human blood to stay alive. Lice don't like dogs or cats. They just like people. Lice usually die within 24 hours without someone to live on. If a female louse finds a nice juicy human head, she can lay about 200 eggs, or nits, in her lifetime. She attaches her little eggs to your hair with glue that's as strong as Super Glue. Nits can stay alive on their own and will hatch in 10 - 15 days. Lice and nits can get moved to clothing, pillowcases and towels. When nits hatch, they can infest your entire family. Several products kill adult lice, but NO product kills all of the lice eggs (nits.) To be sure that no nits hatch, you must get them out of your hair, your clothing, your bedding and your hair brushes and combs. It's easy for lice to spread from one person to another, even though they can't jump. Lice can crawl from someone's head onto things like brushes, hats, headsets, stuffed toys and towels. Lice like it when you share these, because then they can crawl onto a new head. That means fresh blood! Learn what things you should NOT share and then you won't spread lice. If you DO get lice, here are some important things for you and your family to do. First, get all the adult lice out of your hair. The best way to do this is to use a product that kills lice and makes it easier to comb them out of your hair. LiceMany people worry about putting chemicals on their head. If you do, too, pick an all-natural lice product. Some products will also loosen the glue-bond that holds the nits to your hair. This is really good when you get to the next step, because removing lice and nits is not easy and it takes time. Next, get all the little nits out of your hair. The best way to do this is with a special lice comb. School Nurses know that Lice combs with metal teeth or pins are best. Metal pins are strong and don't bend or break, so they catch all the nits. You'll need to have someone comb all over your head very carefully, especially close to your scalp. Find something fun to do while they are combing. Watch a video or read a book or color the pictures inside this paper. Remember, if you don't get all the nits, they will hatch and you'll start itching again. It's a good idea to check your head every day and treat again in 7 to 10 days, just in case you missed some nits. Last, get all the lice and nits off your clothes and other stuff like brushes and pillow cases. Collect everything that you can wash that might have touched your head. Put it all in the washing machine. You can use a special product to presoak before you add regular detergent. That way, you can be sure all the lice and nits will be removed in the wash. Take things that can't be washed and seal them in a plastic bag for two weeks. All the lice and nits will die without human blood. Vacuum your house carefully and don't lie down on the rugs until you're sure the lice have moved to someone else's house! For more Lice Removal Products visit our Lice Treatment Products section!

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