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Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey

“One of the largest disasters America has ever faced,” is how Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas is referring to Hurricane Harvey’s destruction.

 Whether you a agree or not it is unfortunately safe to say that the region will not recover anytime soon. To put things into perspective it was said that in four days more than a trillion gallons of rain fell in Harris County, which is apparently enough to “run Niagara Falls for 15 days.”

 Emergency dispatchers have been kept extremely busy over the weekend as intense rescues extended across Texas. The rescues continued throughout the beginning of the week as people scrambled to find loved ones and help rescue those who were trapped in their homes or buildings.

An upward of 30 deaths and numerous injuries are thought to be connected to the storm with total rain fall exceeding 50 inches in some areas.


*Mountainside Medical Equipment has put together disaster relief supplies that can be purchased and sent over to those in need or can be used in your home in case of an emergency. 

Disaster Relief Supplies:


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