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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334
Hurricane Preparedness: Our Top 5 Emergency, Safety, and First Aid Products

Hurricane Preparedness: Our Top 5 Emergency, Safety, and First Aid Products

When an emergency strikes, are you prepared? Do you have the necessary equipment to not only help yourself if you are injured, but to assist others as well?

According to United Nations statistics, there were 212 disasters in the United States between 2005-2014, causing $443 billion in damage, a higher cost than faced by any other nation. These disasters are largely weather-related. With hurricane season upon us, lasting from June to November, it's the right time to prepare. We've compiled a list of some of our favorite emergency products below!

Back Pack First Aid Kit Red

1. Fieldtex Backpack First Aid Kit

When preparing for a hurricane, you don't just want a simple first aid kit--you want an exhaustive one. The Fieldtex Backpack First Aid Kit contains over 125 items for treating outdoor injuries. Not only does it contain the assortment of bandages and gauze you would expect from a first aid kit, but it also contains pressure bandages, cold packs, a CPR life mask, a first aid guide, and even a rescue blanket. If you participate in outdoor sports or even just travel during the winter, this is the complete option to keep yourself safe.

2. Emergency Trauma Response Stop the Bleed Kit

Research shows that ambulance response times are typically 7-8 minutes, but can rise to 14 minutes in rural areas. This gap between the call and the ambulance's arrival is crucial, and can make the difference between life or death. That's why we're offering our Emergency Trauma Response: Stop the Bleed Kit. This kit provides you with the tools you need to assist yourself or others while EMS responders can attend to the severely injured. Among the items included are a Halo chest bandage, QuikLitter emergency stretcher, heat-reflective survival wraps, and many other tourniquets, dressings, and other supplies.

Kemp Wool Emergency Blanket with 80% Real Wool

3. Kemp Wool Emergency Blanket

Every vehicle should have an emergency blanket. No matter how well-maintained your car or truck is, the weather can get the best of it, and you never know when you might encounter someone on the road who needs your help. Kemp's emergency blanket is made of 80% real wool and 20% synthetic fibers, perfect for freezing temperatures. This durable blanket is made for humanitarian and rescue organizations

Also Available:

4. Outdoors Emergency Trauma Pack

If your job or hobby takes you outdoors, you need a kit that can handle the most serious injuries quickly while help is still on the way. You need the Adventure Medical Kits Rapid Response Trauma Pak. Containing a QuikClot Stop Bleeding Sponge, this kit is designed to treat severe injuries and trauma in situations where immediate advanced care is unavailable. This compact kit is easily portable and won't slow you down while you're traveling through tough environments, and its waterproof pouch keeps supplies safe even in inclement weather.

Emergency Response Fanny Pack Kit

5. Emergency Response Fanny Pack Kit

ADC Pro's Combo IV Fanny Pack Kit is perfect for on the go healthcare professionals who need the basic essentials in one heavy duty case. Featuring an aneroid manometer that exceeds ANSI SP10 specifications for accuracy with color matching Sprague stethoscope, Medicut shears and Adlite penlight, this kit is light, compact and easily transported. Enjoy a simple way to carry your nursing supplies with the premium aneroid manometer, Adcuff nylon cuff with ADC's size guide marking system, color coordinated professional Adscope 641 Sprague type stethoscope with ADC valve mechanism and gasket sealed system, color coordinated Medicut 7 and 1/4 shears with 1 serrated edge, and more!


The Best First Aid and Emergency Products at Mountainside Medical Equipment

The Best First Aid and Emergency Products are Available at Mountainside Medical Equipment

Have you made sure you have everything you need in case of an emergency? Visit Mountainside Medical Equipment! We've got the best in emergency and safety products including first aid kits, topical anesthetics, emergency blankets, and more. Click this link to shop the highest quality first aid products at the best prices!

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