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Living with Diabetes: Products to Help You Manage Your Disease

Living with Diabetes: Products to Help You Manage Your Disease

Living with diabetes can be challenging at times, but it is not impossible. Diabetes can be very well maintained with the proper amount of exercise, nutrition, and medication. While diabetes can cause some uncomfortable side effects, such as dry skin, nerve pain, and the fluctuation of high and low blood sugar, it can feel like a heavy burden to carry with you every day.

Luckily, we have a few products that are especially made for diabetic care. They are designed to relieve as much discomfort from diabetes as possible. Below are only some of our favorites that we have in stock and on sale now. To see a full list of our diabetes supplies, visit our website at, or call us at 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our representatives!

Mountainside Medical's Top 10 Diabetic Products

1. Freestyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System


Monitoring your blood sugar levels is an extremely important part of managing your diabetes. This Freestyle Lite Blood Glucose Monitoring System makes it easy to manage your diabetes while you're on the go. This device is small, compact, and discrete, and only requires a minimal amount of blood to sample. No coding is required, therefore you eliminate one step. This meter also offers a quick, 5 second average test time, with easy to use ZipQik tabs, and has a convenient backlight and test strip port light, which makes it easy for you to test anywhere, at any time.

2. One Touch Fine Point Lancets

One Touch Fine Point Lancets are manufactured by Lifescan, and are designed to help reduce the pain, bruising, and callusing that are commonly associated with repetitive glucose testing. These type A lancets will fit most lancing devices, but work best with One Touch glucose meters. They are sterile, have a 25 gauge for deeper penetration, and are packaged at 100 lancets per box. These lancets also have an extra safety feature to help reduce the risk of injury and contamination. Once the lancet has been used, the cap can be turned on its side to function as a cover for the used lancet tip. 

3. Insta-Glucose Gel for Low Blood Sugar


The Insta Glucose Gel for Low Blood Sugar is a fast acting, convenient, and ready to use glucose gel for the emergency treatment of low blood sugar. As a diabetic, it is common to experience sugar crashes if you aren't maintaining your nutrition. This full 24 gram dose of carbohydrate is measured to treat mild to moderate hypoglycemia, and is administered by twisting off the cap and swallowing the cherry flavored liquid. Absorption starts instantly and brings relief in just a few minutes by boosting blood glucose levels. It's easy to swallow, premeasured, has a pleasant taste, is safe for travel, and can be used anytime or anywhere!

4. Vial Cooler and Protector Case   

The Medicool Vial Cooler and Protector Case is designed to keep injection vials and insulin vials cold for up to 12 hours. If you take insulin, or diabetic medication that requires refrigeration, this product is perfect for you! This cooler has a durable blue case, convenient carrying strap, and pockets for storing items such as, syringes, prep pads, and more. This cooler is large enough to hold 2 vials and comes with 2 cold packs, so you have one to use while you refrigerate the other.

5. Medicool Dia-Pak Deluxe Diabetic Organizer

The Medicool Dia-Pak Deluxe Diabetic Organizer is designed to keep your insulin and related diabetic supplies organized in the most portable and efficient way. Perfect for on the go travel, or to use at home, this bag is an insulated, compact carrying case. The Diabetic Organizer is made of durable, water resistant nylon, and has pockets for organizing up to 2 weeks worth of necessary diabetic supplies in a variety of pockets and storage compartments! The Deluxe is the largest Dia-Pak style available, used to accommodate the most supplies. Lastly, this organizer comes with a free cold gel pack to keep your insulin cool for hours, and can be easily refrigerated!

6. BD 305487 Sharps Container, Dual Access, 1.5 Quart


BD Small Sharps Containers are a safe and easy way of disposing used, infectious medical needles, syringes, IV catheter needles, diabetic blood lancets, and hypodermic needles. This prevents contaminated needles from infecting other healthcare workers and spreading diseases such as, HIV, AIDS, and hepatitis. This is ideal for avoiding accidental needle stick and keeping syringes and lancets concealed. The BD Phlebotomy collector has a rigid puncture resistant polypropylene shell that protects against exposure to blood borne pathogens.

7. Medicool DI Eyeglass Style Insulin Protector


The Medicool DI Eyeglass Style Insulin Protector is a small, stylish case for carrying and transporting insulin and syringes. The designer eyeglass case is made of lightweight aluminum that features a fitted insert that holds two vials of insulin, two syringes, and alcohol swabs. The case is small enough to fit comfortable in your pocket or purse, and is compatible with smaller, 100 unit, prefilled disposable pens.

8. Alpha Betic Alpha Lipoic Acid for Nerve Function Support


Alpha Betic Alpha Lipoic Acid are sugar free supplements that help support nerve function. Specifically designed for diabetics, the alpha betic formula balances nutrients and protects from oxidative stress. Coming in 60 capsules per bottle, this product contains 600MG of alpha lipoic acid, and is the No. 1 recommended bran.

9. Diabetic Tussin Sugar Free Cough Syrup


If you are looking for a product that works effectively as Robitussin DM, without worrying about the effects of your sugar, then this cough medicine is for you. Completely designed for diabetics in mind, Diabetic Tussin is an expectorant and cough suppressant that is comparable to Robitussin DM. Made with Guaifenesin USP, this cough syrup is clear, alcohol free, sugar free, non-narcotic, and cherry flavored.

10. Gold Bond Ultimate Diabetics Dry Skin Rehydrating Lotion, 13oz


Gold Bond Ultimate Diabetics Dry Skin Relief Rehydrating Lotion is formulated with aloe, vitamins, and 7 intensive healing moisturizers to help nourish, hydrate, and protect delicate skin while providing 24 hours of soothing relief. This non-greasy and fragrance free lotion is ideal for daily use to reduce the discomfort and irritation that is caused by dry, rough, cracking, and flaky skin. 

Discover these and more of our Diabetic Supplies by visiting our website at, or by simply calling, 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our support specialists!

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