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Mountainside Medical Equipment Has Discounts on IV Supplies for October

Mountainside Medical Equipment Has Discounts on IV Supplies for October

Mountainside Medical Equipment is pleased to announce that, in honor of October’s celebrations of medical professionals, including Physician Assistant Week and Emergency Nurses Week, all supplies for IV (intravenous) and IM (intramuscular) administration will be discounted.

Mountainside Medical Equipment’s selection of discounted IV supplies is wide-ranging, and includes administration sets, catheter needles, tubing, fluid solutions, IV stands and poles, and many other products for IV administration or fluid preparation. Discounts range from 25 percent off to nearly 50 percent off certain products. Certain products, such as catheter needles, may only be purchased by medical professionals with proof of license, although many of the supplies are available to all customers.

Verified customer reviews on Mountainside Medical Equipment’s website have consistently awarded five-star averages on quality reviews for IV administration and fluid solution products. “The IV bags have several years of shelf life on them, [and] the tubing & connectors are perfect,” writes Wayne S. regarding the IV Start Kit, an all-inclusive set for IV administration. Serg N. rates us “the fastest and most amazing service I have ever seen for a medical supply store.”

Medical professionals are familiar with the necessity of having full stocks of quality supplies available in a timely fashion. When Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in 2017, it caused major disruptions to medical manufacturers that impacted the health care supply chain for months. Items most commonly in short supply during this period include fluid solution bags and bacteriostatic water, both included in Mountainside Medical Equipment’s sale this month. All discounted IV administration products, as well as product information and relevant informational content on the health care industry, can be found at

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