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Mountainside Medical's Top 10 Home Safety Products

Mountainside Medical's Top 10 Home Safety Products

Here at Mountainside Medical Equipment, home safety is a very important part of who we are and what we do. We want you to be safe in your home at all costs. Below are our top 10 home safety products that our customers rave about!

Top 10 Home Safety Products

1. Econo Alarm (Magnetic Alarm) Patient Alarm 

The Econo Alarm Patient Alarm is a fall-prevention alarm used to keep patients and loved ones safe. This alarm features a loud beeping warning, adjustable magnetic pull cord design, and runs on a 9-volt battery, which is included in this device. This patient alarm allows for caregivers to safely multi-task. A convenient and safe alarm system, this device offers a loud warning if a in-ambulatory patient stands up from a wheelchair or recliner. The pull cord attaches to the patient and emits a loud, beeping warning if the patient has exited their chair. 

2. Skill-Care 30 Degree Positioning Wedge

This positioning wedge provides optimal pressure relief for the hipbone and coccyx as directed by the Healthcare and Quality guidelines. The comfortable and effective pressure relief is also designed to reduce friction and shear, and provide lasting, easy, and simplified care. 

3. HealthSmart Non Skid Shower Mat  

The HealthSmart Non Skid Shower Mat is a great bathroom safety tool that works to prohibit falls and slides in the bathtub or shower. This bathtub mat features slip resistant suction cups, durable vinyl construction, and drainage holes to prevent water build up.  

4. High Frequency Chair Alarm with 1 Year Sensor Pad  

Ensure resident wheelchair safety with this High Frequency Chair Alarm with a 1 year sensor pad, which features an auto-reset function. This function helps eliminate false alarms and alarm fatigue. Designed with 80, 90, or 120 dB volume options for customized used, the alarm set features a durable, tamper-resistant alarm that is easy to reset and an ultrathin monitoring pad for discreet use. 

5. Bed Cane with Organizer 

The Bed Cane with Organizer by Stander is a home aid that will help you get in and out of any home or hospital bed. Made with a durable powder coat finish, the bed cane features an ergonomic non-slip handle, secure safety strap, a 4-pocket organizer, and it collapses for easy traveling and storage. 

6. Bedside Fall Mat Tri-Fold 30x60x2  

This Tri-Fold Bedside Mat is a personal safety aid used to protect individuals by providing a cushioning landing to help absorb impact and reduce the risks for injury should they fall. Place this fall mat right next to the bed on the side that is favored by the individual and in case of accident, the floor mat will help ease the pain and reduce injury risks. 

7. Car Caddie 

The car caddie is designed to help you safely and securely get out of your car. Made to fit any car window, this fully adjustable car assist is sturdy and includes a No-Slip rubber contour grip for added comfort and stability. 

8. Chair Pro Under Wheelchair Seat Alarm

Chair Pro Under Wheelchair Seat Alarm is a unique chair safety alarm that places a fall prevention alarm underneath a sling wheelchair seat. This restraint free alarm is loud, can be heard from a distance, and will automatically reset once the patient returns to their seat. 

9. EZ Adjust Bed Rail 

The EZ Adjust Bed Rail is designed to prevent falling out of bed, or to be used as a hand rail to assist in getting in and out of bed. Made with a durable powder finish, this bed rail is fully adjustable, reversible, accommodates up to king size beds, folds down, has a weight capacity of 400lbs, and features a dual safety strap. 

10. Skill Care Shower and Toilet Safety Belt  

Intended for additional security when using shower and bath seats, or toilet safety frames, the Skill Care Shower and Toilet Safety Belt features a strong nylon belt and Delrin Buckle. This added security measure facilitates fall prevention and will not mildew or rust. 

You can find these products and more by visiting our website at, and visiting our home safety products here

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