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Mountainside Medical's Top 8 Physical Therapy Products

Mountainside Medical's Top 8 Physical Therapy Products

In addition to Breast Cancer Awareness month, October is also National Physical Therapy month. We have put together a list of our top 8 favorite products that are used for physical therapy - for any age!

Top 8 Physical Therapy Products

1. The Adult Aluminum Forearm Crutch 

The Adult Aluminum Forearm Crutch is an excellent ambulatory aid for patients who need mobility assistance. These forearm crutches offer vinyl coated, contouring arm cuffs that mold to an individual's arm for extra comfort. Made with heavy-duty aluminum tubing, these crutches are available in adult size, anywhere ranging from 5'0" to 6'2".  

2. Body Sport Medicine Ball 

The ReliaMed Body Sport Medicine Ball is a 2 pound, durable bouncing ball that is used for therapeutic rehabilitation, and fitness programs. This medicine ball features a durable build, textured surface, and a detailed exercise guide. This product is used to help build up the body's natural strength, regain coordination and endurance, and is safe for people of all fitness levels to use. 

3. Body Sport Shoulder Pulley 

The Body Sport Shoulder Pulley Style Exercise Rope is designed to regain, maintain, and enhance shoulder movement. This shoulder fitness rope features adjustable length, comfortable handles, and can be used when sitting, standing or lying down. With ergonomic handles and a web strap door anchor, this exercise rope is designed specifically for shoulder motion support, also coming with an illustrated manual and exercise guide.

4. CanDo Ball Chairs


The CanDo Metal Chair with an Exercise Ball is a complete set that provides supportive, ergonomic seating for long periods of time. Ideally, this product is used to reduce or eliminate back pain, but the exercise ball can be removed to be used on its own for regular fitness routines. The chair is a metal seat which have arms to securely hold the exercise ball in place for posture and other sitting purposes. This fitness and rehabilitation ball chair frame features a sturdy base, a 55cm inflatable ball, a removable back, and is available with or without arms. 

5. CanDo Be Better Beginner General Rehab Kit


The CanDo Be Better General Rehab Kit is a light resistance therapy kit designed for at home exercises for patients being treated with clinical physical therapy. This kit features mild resistance workout supplies, CanDo exercise products, and Cold Spot pain relief products. Effective and easy to use, this kit helps increase your strength, all while enhancing your comfort. In addition, we have our intermediate rehab kit, and kits that specifically target different portions of the body, such as the knee and hip, the neck, shoulders, lower back, and hand and wrist

6. CanDo Inflatable Straight Roll


Our CanDo Inflatable Straight Roll is a unique exercise and physical therapy product that is oblong shaped for physical fitness use by one or two people. This distinctive roll is easier to control than a standard exercise ball, simply because it allows for side to side motion only, and is strong enough for 2 people. The side to side motion provides a greater sense of stability, as it works on muscle development, coordination development, and balance.

7. Therapy Exercise Skate 7212 Large


Clinton Industries Large Exercise Skate is a padded mobile skate that is used for physical therapy exercises. The Therapy Exercise Skate is commonly used by Occupational Therapists to perform rehabilitative hand and arm exercises. The Exercise Skate features a soft padded vinyl top, 2 Velcro straps to fasten hands securely, and is mounted on 4 easy to roll casters.

8. Pedal Exerciser


The Pedal Exerciser is designed to help individuals restore mobility in the upper or lower part of the body. Made with durable chrome plated materials, this exercise unit features deluxe non slip tops on the base for added stability, and an adjustable tension knob to get the resistance that is right for you. No assembly is required! It can be used on the floor as you sit in a chair and watch television, or on top of a table for your arms. This is a great way to provide your muscles with easy exercise as you bring them back to life! 

Discover these and all of our Physical Therapy products by visiting our website at, or by simply calling, 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our support specialists!

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