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National Family Caregivers Month: Top Hospital Bed Accessories at Mountainside Medical Equipment

National Family Caregivers Month: Top Hospital Bed Accessories at Mountainside Medical Equipment

There are many products available that are designed to make hospital beds more comfortable, convenient, and help caregivers take better care of their patients. Read on for some of the best hospital bed accessories that Mountainside Medical Equipment has in stock!

Affordable Cash and Carry Medical Equipment at Mountainside Medical Equipment

1. Medical Mattresses

We have a wide variety of mattresses available from standard innerspring designs to more comfortable gel foam overlays, and even alternating pressure systems design to prevent and heal pressure ulcers (bedsores). We also have mattresses available in greater length, as well as bariatric sizes to accommodate patients at larger weights. Make sure to choose a mattress that fits your needs or the patient's needs properly.

2. Overbed Table

Overbed tables are a use accessory for bedridden patients or ones in recovery. These tables have wheeled bases that fit underneath a bed and adjustable necks to allow easy reach by patients. Convenient and easy to store, these offer patients a place to eat meals, write, use electronic devices, or do any number of things from their beds.

Hospital Bed Rails at Mountainside Medical Equipment

3. Bed Rails

Both hospitals and homes can benefit from these assistive devices that keep people from falling out of the bed and becoming injured. Bed rails can also provide a stable structure for a patient to hold on to as they pivot or change positions while in bed.

4. Patient Lifts

These unique systems are extremely convenient for transfer of non-ambulatory patients. Ceiling lifts can make tasks like getting to the bathroom, shower or even getting into a wheelchair simple and comfortable. They can also help safely transfer a patient back into their bed.

Hospital Patient in Bed Lift Mountainside Medical Equipment

5. Mattress Covers

Mattress covers keep mattresses protected and clean from accidental spills or incontinence issues. If you own a specialized mattress, this is a great investment to prevent anything from soiling an expensive mattress.

6. Bedside Commodes

A bedside commode is a great accessory for patients with ambulatory issues, or who are recovering from surgery or another medical ailment. Placed next to the bed, a patient can use handrails to assist themselves to the commode, which can be purchased with rails around it for support. This is a convenient piece of equipment, especially for patients who have trouble navigating in the dark.

Affordable Cash and Carry Medical Equipment at Mountainside Medical Equipment

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Part of health care literacy is knowing how to afford it. Health care is expensive, especially if you're on a fixed income, and it knowing where to buy quality products at affordable prices can make a major difference for your budget. That's why you should visit Mountainside Medical Equipment! On both our website and at our storefront, we offer wholesale medical supplies on a cash & carry basis. Get top brands for the highest quality assistive and mobility devices at the lowest prices right here!

Mountainside Medical Equipment’s storefront is located at 9266 Old River Road, Marcy, New York 13403. It’s open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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