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National Healthy Skin Month: Top Skin Care Products

National Healthy Skin Month: Top Skin Care Products

Americans spend nearly $17 billion a year on skin care products, more than any other country in the world. But while everyone appreciates smooth skin and takes steps to prevent potential damage from sunlight, many people don't consider that the skin is an organ -- the largest in the body. It keeps water in your body and acts as a protective barrier against harmful pathogens. Rashes, irritations, and moles or blemishes can be the first visible signs of allergic reactions, infections, autoimmune diseases, or even skin cancer. Skin care isn't just about appearing healthy, but about being healthy.

With all of that in mind, we'd like to present to you our top skin care products!

1. Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defense SPF 50 Daytime Moisturizer

Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defense Daily Facial Moisturizer Sunblock SPF 50 Skin Cancer Prevention

Protecting your skin from the sun is of paramount importance. The UV rays from the sun are necessary to help our bodies create Vitamin D, but overexposure to them damages skin cells. Aside from the well-known hazards of sun exposure, like sunburn, premature skin aging, and skin cancer, you can also suffer eye damage from UV rays and a lowered immune system caused by your white blood cells focusing on replacing skin cells. A high-SPF sunscreen applied 30 minutes before sun exposure can minimize these risks, and Cetaphil's UVA/UVB Defense not only provides SPF 50 protection from the sun, but also provides all-day moisturizing to keep your skin nourished and hydrated. Fragrance free and non-greasy, it's also non-comedogenic (won't block pores) and designed to be gentle on all skin types. Cetaphil's SPF 50 Daily Facial Moisturizer will keep your skin not only soft and smooth, but also safe from sun exposure.

2. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly 13 oz. Jar

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Skin Care Moisturizer

You may already have this in your house, but petroleum jelly is one of the most versatile skin care products in the world. As an occlusive moisturizer, it prevents the skin from losing water, which has many applications. It can be used for dry skin during any season, as well as for chapped lips, cracked feet, or raw hands after working with tools. For minor cuts, scrapes, and burns, it can keep skin moist to aid the healing process; for this reason, it's also useful for post-surgery healing. Petroleum jelly can also be used to prevent diaper rash, to remove makeup, prevent skin staining from hair dye and nail polish, and even to help heal dry or cracked pet paws. This 100% pure, triple distilled petroleum jelly formula is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and irritant free.

3. Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream

 Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream Skin Therapy Moisturizer Oatmeal

Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, affects an estimated 35 million Americans. The condition is more than just red, patchy skin that may cause itching and blisters -- increasing scholarship has linked it, like other inflammatory diseases, to an increased risk of heart disease, among other problems. Eczema can also lead to other skin infections, as well as emotional trouble; similar to acne, eczema can prompt low self-image and even depression. Aveeno's Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream is approved by the National Eczema Association and clinically shown to soothe skin with eczema. It contains colloidal oatmeal to relieve itching and irritation, as well as the naturally occurring lipid ceramide to keep skin moisturized.


4. Eucerin Daily Hydration Moisturizing Lotion

Eucerin Daily Hydration Moisturizing Lotion Skin Care Body Moisturizer

You don't have to suffer from a skin condition to receive the benefits of a daily skin regimen. The irritation and discomfort of dry skin can happen to anyone, particularly during a dry season like winter. Eucerin Daily Hydration Moisturizing Lotion strengthens your skin's moisture barrier for 24 hours, preventing your skin from losing water and drying out. This dermatologist recommended moisturizer is enriched with sunflower oil to help protect your skin. It's fragrance free, contains no artificial dyes, and is non-comedogenic, for a lotion that will restore the natural health of your skin without causing irritation.

5. Neosporin Plus Pain Relief Antibiotic Ointment

Neosporin Plus Pain Relief Antibiotic Ointment Analgesic Infection Control

Skin care isn't just about moisturizing. An organ as large as your skin is vulnerable to cuts and the infections that can accompany them. Neosporin Plus Pain Relief Antibiotic Ointment is a maximum strength formula that not only prevents infection at the sites of cuts, scrapes, and burns, but also acts as an analgesic, relieving pain. Any first aid kit or medicine cabinet could use this versatile and effective ointment. If you work outdoors, with tools, or just like to spend time outdoors, this is a great option to keep by your side to deal with all the minor injuries that an active lifestyle can cause your skin.

6. Ascend Silver Sulfadiazine Cream 1% Jar

Ascend Silver Sulfadiazine Cream 1% Jar 50 gram Burn Treatment Healing

Not everyone may have a need for this product, but if you're in a profession where you're at risk for burns, or take care of animals, having a jar of Silver Sulfadiazine Cream on hand can be invaluable. This topical, antimicrobial cream is used to treat wound sepsis in patients with second- and third-degree burns. Part of a class of drugs known as sulfa antibiotics, silver sulfadiazine is a bactericidal agent that prevents bacteria from spreading to the healthy skin surrounding a burn. It's been used successfully not only on humans, but on many domestic animals, including cats, dogs, and horses, making silver cream an effective item for any animal shelter or rescue to have on hand. If you're in an environment where burns are a potential issue, Ascend Silver Sulfadiazine Cream is an effective tool to prevent infection while healing damaged skin.

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