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National Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week: Our Top Respiratory Products

National Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week: Our Top Respiratory Products

March 14 -21 is Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week, a time to spotlight the role pulmonary rehabilitation plays in improving the quality of life for people with lung disease.
National Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week
This is also a time to thank your team members for their assistance and share with them valuable educational resources to further their professional development if you work in the healthcare industry and when working in the pulmonary rehabilitation field. Follow #PRWeek21 for information regarding Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week and to send a shout-out to your team members and the respiratory therapist in your life!

Patients with chronic lung disease depend greatly on respiratory therapists to assist them through their medical conditions. These patients also need respiratory therapists to assist them after their acute episode has completed too, which is when pulmonary rehabilitation takes over. Pulmonary rehabilitation programs show patients how to live a fulfilling life despite chronic lung disease and how to keep these patients healthy.
Use this week to celebrate those rehabilitation programs and the devoted respiratory therapists who work hard at getting their patients to where they need to be!
Below we've got some of our top products for respiratory health!


1. Schuco S5000 Nebulizer Compressor Machine

When dealing with a chronic respiratory illness, it's vital to have a proper delivery system for medications. One of the most common is the nebulizer, which provides medication in the form of an aerosol mist for inhalation. The Schuco S5000 nebulizer features a compact, portable design and delivers your medication quickly and efficiently thanks to a high compressor operating flow rate and pressure level. It's easy to operate and clean, and its 3.5 pound weight makes it easily portable for travel. Available for an affordable price, this nebulizer also includes a full kit containing everything you need to get started using it, including over 6 feet of tubing and 5 extra compressor filters.

2. Pediatric Fish Childrens Nebulizer Machine

Nebulizers can be scary for a young child. Sitting still can create restlessness and nervous energy on its own, but the noisiness of the machine combined with having to wear a mask can be a frightening prospect for children. This is especially the case if no one else in your family or child's friend group has to use a nebulizer; an unfamiliar machine without a parent or sibling to model its use is alienating. Among the best ways to make the experience less intimidating for a child is to use a machine with a fun, inviting design like this Pediatric Fish nebulizer.

Also available:

3. Acapella Choice Vibratory PEP Therapy Device


One of the most common symptoms of chronic respiratory conditions is the buildup of mucus lining the airways and even the lungs, which can lead to a host of health problems. Excessive secretions in those with asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, and other illnesses can cause inflammation, narrowing, and blocking of the airways, infections, pulmonary hypertension, and a host of other debilitating problems. One of the most effective ways to fight this is through Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP), a method to mobilize secretions via air pressure that pushes mucus out while preventing airways from closing. The Acapella Choice device combines PEP with airway vibrations to improve clearance of secretions. It's easier to take than chest physiotherapy (CPT) and works in about half the time, while its convenient, portable size means you can get the benefit of this therapy anywhere!

4. CAIRE Freestyle Comfort Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Fall is peak ragweed season, which can affect respiratory conditions beyond asthma: people with COPD also have difficulties with the season that can quickly worsen an already serious disease. If you have COPD and you spend anytime traveling or just outdoors in the fall, you'll want a dependable, portable oxygen concentrator like the CAIRE Freestyle Comfort. Weighing only 5 pounds and featuring an ergonomic design that rests naturally against your body, the Freestyle Comfort is a lightweight and wearable oxygen solution. Its simple, one-touch operation and low, 43 dBA operating volume maximize ease of use, while its multi-setting output rate and multiple rechargeable battery options allow for a versatile, powerful oxygen profile. Charts UltraSense technology automatically senses your breathing rate and adjusts to match it. When you need to breathe comfortably on the go, turn to the CAIRE Freestyle Comfort.

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