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Physical Therapy Rehab Kits: Choosing the Right Option for You

Physical Therapy Rehab Kits: Choosing the Right Option for You

Physical therapy is an area of clinical health that most people don't have experience with until they're in need of it. It can be daunting to figure out what products you need to continue your exercises at home. Each area of the body has different needs, and each injury or recovery requires a specialized plan. Mountainside Medical is here to help! We've put together this guide of our rehab kits, each one assembled with the goal of targeting specific challenges and sections of the body.

1. CanDo Be-Better Targeted Rehab Kit for Hands and Wrist

Cando Be Better Targeted Rehab Kit for Hand and Wrist

When we think of injuries, it's easy to think of major fractures of the arm or leg and the bulky casts that accompany them. But injuries in more intricate areas may require just as much effort to heal and restore function. There are 27 bones in the human hand, including the 8 that make up your carpus (wrist), and a network of ligaments, muscles, and tendons link them together. This kit is designed to restore function in your hand and wrist no matter what part of this system has been damaged. It features a 48-inch length of tubing that can be mounted to your doorway, allowing you to perform exercises that increase the strength and range of motion of your shoulder, arm, and wrist. Also included, the CanDo Twist-n-Bend flexible hand bar exerciser is a lightweight, portable exerciser that strengthens your hand, wrist, and shoulder muscles. It can be used for soft tissue and joint mobilization, allowing you to restore the intricate network of tissues in your hand and wrist after an injury or surgery. The kit also includes Cool Spot Pain Relief Gel, a topical analgesic that soothes minor muscle and joint pain.


2. Graded Finger Pinch Exerciser Set

Graded Finger Pinch Exerciser Set with Color-Coded Resistance Pinchpins

The complexity of your hands and fingers, as well as the regular and often repetitive work we do with them, make them particularly vulnerable to conditions like soft tissue injuries and nerve compression. Rehabbing these requires gradually redeveloping hand and finger strength, and this kit contains 35 color-coded resistance pinchpins that allow you to work your way through multiple steps of functionality.


3. Lower Back Rehab Kit

Lower Back Rehab Kit

Back pain can be debilitating, even if you haven't suffered an acute injury or had surgery, and back issues are among the most common reasons for lost work hours. Exercising your back is one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself. Our Lower Back Rehab Kit contains TheraBand resistance tubing with handles and a door mount so you can do workouts that strengthen your back, increasing flexibility in its muscles, ligaments, and tendons to relieve pressure. This tubing and the included DVD of exercises will help you stretch and strengthen all of your back muscles, improving your posture, and increasing mobility and stability. Also included is BioFreeze pain reliever to alleviate muscle pain in your back.

Also available: the CanDo Be-Better Targeted Rehab Kit for the Lower Back!


4. CanDo Be-Better Targeted Rehab Kit for the Neck

 Cando Be Better Targeted Rehab Kit for the Neck

Like the back, the neck is one of the central sources of stability in the body. It's also subject to many sources of damage, from muscle strains to herniated discs to sprains. These injuries can also harm the spinal cord or nervous system, so a strong, well-supported neck is vital to daily functioning. But most fitness regimens don't account for the neck, so it's hard to find proper exercises for it. The CanDo Be-Better Targeted Rehab Kit for the Neck contains a loop resistance band so that you can perform isometric exercises that keep the neck stable while strengthening its muscles and increasing its range of motion. Also included is resistance tubing and a door anchor, perfect for shoulder and upper back exercises that strengthen the muscles supporting the neck, as well as Cold Spot pain relief spray to alleviate muscle and tissue soreness.

Also available: the CanDo Be-Better Targeted Rehab Kit for Shoulders!


5. CanDo Be-Better Targeted Rehab Kit for the Knee and Hip

Cando Be Better Targeted Rehab Kit for the Knee and Hip

The importance of hip strength can be overlooked compared to core strength, especially for those with sedentary jobs. Sitting for excessive periods of time, such as as desk jobs, often leads to poor posture which causes muscle imbalances around the hip joint. And some popular forms of exercise can exacerbate this: running, for instance, tends to build up the quads, calves, and hamstrings more than the hip muscles, and this imbalance can cause injuries. Hip and leg exercises using resistance band like the one included in this kit can help you strengthen your hip and leg muscles consistently, giving support to your hip and knee joints.


6. CanDo Be-Better Beginner General Rehab Kit

Cando Be Better Beginner General Rehab Kit

It's important when rehabbing muscles following an injury or surgery to avoid overexerting yourself and aggravating injuries. That's why many rehab products are color-coded to give you a clear visual sign of resistance level. Our Beginner General Rehab Kit contains everything you need for at-home exercises while being treated with clinical physical therapy, such as mild resistance bands and tubing as well as a light Twist-n-Bend exerciser bar.

Also available: the CanDo Be-Better Intermediate General Rehab Kit!

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