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⛰️ FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $100 OR MORE ⛰️ Toll Free: 1-888-687-4334
COVID-19: Our Top Antibacterial Products

COVID-19: Our Top Antibacterial Products

As businesses reopen, people return to work, and discussions about resuming school take place, it's important that we maintain high sanitation standards to protect ourselves and each other from Covid-19. Mountainside Medical Equipment's website has a section dedicated to Covid-19 supplies, but we've also highlighted some of our top Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products below!

1. KN95 Respirator Particulate Face Masks

To stop the spread of pathogens, you'll want to start with a quality medical mask. You'll need a mask that filters the air, removing harmful pathogens. This KN95 Respirator Mask has a 95% filtration efficiency. Made of non-woven fabric, its adjustable nose piece and strechable ear loops make it comfortable and convenient to wear. Stock up on masks while supplies last!

2. Safetec SaniZide Plus Disinfectant Spray 

Safetec SaniZide Plus Disinfectant Spray is a fast-acting disinfectant, cleaner, and deodorizer that is ideal for hard surfaces. This EPA-registered, quaternary ammonium formulation is alcohol free, non-corrosive, and made to be effective against a broad spectrum of harmful bacteria. In compliance of the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, Safetec SaniZide Plus Disinfectant Spray is convenient, non-irritating and safe for use on hard surfaces.

It is important to disinfect any surface within minutes, and it is also important to adopt healthy practices and use of standard precautions while handling body fluids. Safetec's Red and Green Z Spill Control Solidifiers can be used in any facility to help clean up blood and body fluid spills safely and properly.

3. Safetec Instant Hand Sanitizer Packets with Aloe 

As businesses reopen and people return to work, we have more chances to get sick. Close contact with many different people increases the chance for germs to spread. When you're on the go, carry Safetec Instant Hand Sanitizer Packets. These convenient, portable individual packets are designed to kill germs and bacteria no matter where you are. They're lightly scented, enriched with aloe to moisturize your hands, and are made for single use to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Each box contains 144 packets, ensuring you'll always have plenty of packets on hand. Keep them near your door so your family never forgets to take them along when they leave the house!

4. GelRite Instant Hand Sanitizer


GelRite Instant Hand Sanitizer is used to effectively kill germs and bacteria without the need for soap and water. This gentle antiseptic instant hand sanitizer is specially formulated with 65% ethyl alcohol and is enriched with vitamin E, killing up to 99% of the harmful bacteria located on the skin and helping heal dry and cracked skin. To further reduce the risks of cross-contamination, there also is a space on the bottle to label with a specific user’s name and room number. This product is latex free and has been dermatologist tested.

5. Better Touch Blue Nitrile Gloves

If you work or travel in a setting where pathogens on the surfaces you touch are a concern, you'll want reliable gloves to avoid direct contact with germs. Better Touch disposable nitrile gloves are what you need. Powder-free and latex-free, Better Toch gloves are specifically designed to stand up to harsh chemicals. Their blue nitrile material is highly flexible, ambidextrous, and conforms right to your hand, providing a more comfortable fit and enhanced dexterity. Compared to latex gloves, Better Touch Blue Nitrile Gloves have superior resistance against chemicals and will not break down. Available in four different sizes, these gloves come in boxes of 100.

6. Safetec EZ Clean Plus Body Fluid Clean Up Kit 

The Safetec EZ Cleans Plus Body Fluid Clean-Up Kit efficiently and safely cleans up blood or bodily fluid spills. Its Red Z Solidifier, a non-toxic matrix, is ideal for use on potentially infectious spilled body fluids, such as blood, urine, saliva, vomit, and feces. This Spill Clean-Up Kit meets the National Standard for quick, easy removal of bodily fluids. Having the correct supplies to remove potential contaminants from your workplace environment is crucial. The Complete Clean Up Kit includes:

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