7 Ways to Stay Active During the Fall and Colder Months

Posted on October 23 2018

The cooler months are here again, which means that we can no longer enjoy our favorite summer activities. As the days grow increasingly shorter, and the nights longer, it can become so easy to come home from a long day of work, change into your favorite pair of sweatpants and enjoy a night of those fall favorite television shows that we all know and love so much. Or, after a long week at work, it becomes habitual to enjoy staying in our nice, warm beds for just a little bit longer. 

Here's the thing: there's nothing wrong with those activities. Everyone deserves a little rest and relaxation, and being that the cold weather is gradually moving in, who can blame anyone for wanting to stay indoors? But, one thing we have to remember is our health and wellness. While staying active may seem like it's a bit more of a challenge during the colder months, it doesn't have to be! This season provides us with many fun opportunities to stay active, and even get the family involved in activity too!

7 Ways to Stay Active During the Fall & Colder Months

1. Take a Hike

Fall can be a beautiful time of year to explore nature - especially if you are fortunate enough to live in Upstate NY! We have plenty of trails and mountains to hike around or take a walk on to view the incredible scenery that this season brings. Grab a friend, grab your dog, and go exploring the rainbow of colors that illuminate the trees!

2. Head to the Pumpkin Patch!

One of our favorite things to do during the Fall is head to the various Pumpkin farms around the area! It's a sea of orange goodness, and pumpkin patches often provide fun for the entire family! Kids can enjoy picking out those pumpkins, as well as participating in other fun events, such as hay rides, corn mazes, haunted trails, obstacle courses, face paintings, and more!

3. Go Apple Picking

There's nothing more fun than picking out those sweet, delicious apples that will soon be placed into yummy apple pies, apple crisp, and other delectable treats! While you're at the orchard, grab yourself to a hot (or regular) apple cider! You won't regret it!

4. Carve Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is actually a pretty good workout for your muscles because let's face it, pumpkins aren't light! Pumpkin carving is a fun way to bring the whole family together and get creative with designs. Have a pumpkin carving contest - challenge each other to see who can be the most creative, most scary, etc. Have fun with it!

5. Sign Up for a 5K

Believe it or not, Fall is the season for runners! Many fun runs and events occur, and even if you're not a runner, they're still enjoyable to participate in, as most 5K's offer an option for those who prefer to walk! With the holidays right around the corner, you'll find many options for 5K's! Oktoberfest runs, Halloween themed runs, Turkey Trots, Reindeer Runs, the opportunities are endless. Do some research and find some 5K's near you, and keep in mind that that signing up with friends or family will make the experience more fun and will motivate you even more.

6. Rake the Leaves

Okay, this activity may not be the most pleasurable, but it will give you a true workout! Raking the leaves is a great way to stay active and get outside, all while burning calories in the process. It's also good for preparing your yard for winter. Try to have fun with it, and maybe, channel your inner child and jump right into those big piles of leaves!

7. Play Sports

We know that Fall is all about football, but instead of vegging out on the couch just watching a game, how about going outside and creating your own game instead? You can form a small team with your family and friends, or even join community leagues! Not a football fan? No problem! You can also choose to create or sign up for kick ball or soccer, or maybe consider bike riding on those walking trails that we addressed above!

Whatever you decide to do, know that fall activities don't have to be boring. Know that just because the temperatures may be getting cooler, doesn't mean that you have to stay inside. Fall into fitness, fall into a routine. It's a beautiful time of year, so get active and don't let it go to waste!