National Public Health Week

Posted on April 01 2019

Everyone deserves to live a long and healthy life while being in a safe environment. To make that possible, the American Public Health Association - also known as, APHA - needs to address the causes of poor health and disease risk among individuals and within our communities. 

Where we live, learn, work, worship, and play affects each and every one of us and can determine our health and life expectancy. In the workplace, let's partner across public and private sectors to ensure that decisions are being made with the public's health and well-being in mind. 

Within our communities, we should start new conversations with our neighbors and friends, and become advocates for positive change. Working together, every community can become healthier and eventually, can lead to becoming the healthiest nation. The APHA needs your help to get there.

During each day of National Public Health Week, the APHA focuses on a particular public health topic. Then, they identify ways every person can make a difference on that topic. Those areas are critical to future success in creating the healthiest nation, and the APHA says that everyone can do their part to help.

This week is National Public Health Week, and the themes for the week are as follows:

  • Monday: Healthy Communities
  • Tuesday: Violence Prevention
  • Wednesday: Rural Health
  • Thursday: Technology and Public Health
  • Friday: Climate Change
  • Saturday and Sunday: Global Health   

Join the observance of National Public Health Week 2019 and become part of a growing movement to create the healthiest nation in one generation. During the week, the APHA will celebrate the power of prevention, advocate for healthy and fair policies, share strategies for successful partnerships and champion the tole of a strong public health system.