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Mountainside Medical Blog

  • July 24, 2019 Allison Acquaviva

    Silver Sulfadiazine Cream for Burns

    Today on our blog, we are spotlighting one of our favorite products - Ascend Silver Sulfadiazine Cream! This 16 ounce jar is specifically designed to treat skin burns on humans, and animals as well! Ascend Silver Sulfadiazine Cream is a topical,...

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  • July 11, 2017 Victoria Gruszczynski

    Fast and Effective Wound Care

    Silvadene® (silver sulfadiazine cream) is a topical antimicrobial drug used as a bactericidal against gram-negative and gram-possitive bacteria. Used to prevent and treat wound sepsis on patients with second and third degree burns. Common brands include: Silvadine®, Thermazene® , Ascend®, and SSD®.  Sufficient...

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