Bacteriostatic Water Shortage: Be the FIRST to Know When It's Back in Stock!

Posted on August 16 2018

Problems in the pharmaceutical industry have reached the point where hospitals nationwide cannot readily obtain Bacteriostatic Water - the sterile, non-pyrogenic water that is used for injection. 

Since January 2018, Bacteriostatic Water has been on the FDA's Drug Shortages Database, leaving many medical professionals and facilities in a bind. Sterile Bacteriostatic Water is a multi-dose sterile water used for diluting medications prior to injection. It contains 0.9% of benzyl alcohol as a bacteriostatic preservative, and can be repeatedly used multiple times up to 28 days from the first use. After that, as recommended by Hospira, once the vial of bacteriostatic water is open, the preservatives will prolong its life for up to 28 days and then shall be discarded. 

Hospira Worldwide is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of bacteriostatic and sterile water, and the shortage has left both the company and their consumers considerably frustrated. But, why the frustration? Well, bacteriostatic water contains several benefits by having the benzyl alcohol included in its mixture. 

Benzyl alcohol suppresses, or stops the growth of most potentially contaminating bacteria. It is a bacteriostatic agent, and that means it is a biological or chemical agent that stops bacteria from reproducing, while not necessarily killing them. Benzyl alcohol is safe to use around humans, and is naturally made by many plants. It is also found in fruits, teas, and essential oils, such as jasmine.

Here at Mountainside Medical Equipment, we pride ourselves on being the first of many medical suppliers to receive this product when it is available. We have a fantastic working relationship with Hospira, and are excited to say that we will have this product in stock soon!

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