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The United States is in a Fentanyl Crisis

The United States is in a Fentanyl Crisis

The United States is in a fentanyl crisis. With the staggering increase of fentanyl related overdose deaths it is imperative for first responders and those who handle seizing and processing this deadly substance to protect themselves and those around them.

Everyday law enforcement is faced with the uncertainty of possibly coming in contact with fentanyl and having to handle it in a way that is safe and does not put anyone at risk.  Accidental exposure to fentanyl is a massive threat to those out in the field and exposure to the drug whether dermal, oral or through inhalation can result in dangerous overdose effects and even death.

It is for this reason that Mountainside Medical Equipment has taken the necessary steps to do what we can in order to create and provide those at risk with the proper tools needed to safely get substances like this off the street. 

Mountainside Medical Equipment has crafted a fentanyl safety containment/evidence transport kit that meets UN/DOT standards, is FDA compliant and meets TDG requirements. This transport kit provides a vacuum tight seal with a closed cell neoprene rubber gasket inside the lid specifically designed to safely contain fine powders and granules without the risk of contamination.  Clearly labeled "Danger Hazardous Chemicals," this protective container can be sealed and locked via specially designed safety latch lid and marked for evidence with the provided label on lid.

A multitude of law enforcement and innocent people will be affected this year by unintentionally exposing themselves to this lethal drug. For this reason the fentanyl safety containment/evidence transport kit is a necessity for those who could potentially come in contact with the chemical in order to reduce the risk of an accidental overdose or worse.

Get yours today HERE.

Also read about our Law Enforcement Drug Collection and Handling Protection Kit HERE and purchase yours HERE.Sav

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