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Trending Products

Trending Products

Happy Friday! We hope everyone had a week, and has a fantastic weekend ahead! 

This week for Friday Favorites, we are focusing on the most trending products for the week! 

Mountainside Medical's Top 10 Trending Products

1. Mountain Ice Pain Relieving Gel 

Mountain Ice is the newest product to hit the pain relief market! Made by our own founders of Mountainside Medical Equipment, we have taken the active ingredient of menthol and combined powerful all natural plants and extracts to create a unique formula that treats pain instantly! The combination of the all natural ingredients creates the perfect treatment for relieving pain, reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and promoting better muscle and joint healing. Mountain Ice carefully created a product that is not only effective for treating pain and sore muscles, but one that is also healthy and hydrating for your skin! 

To read more about the ingredients in Mountain Ice, click here

2. Emperors Best CBD Oil - 1200mg with MCT Coconut Oil  

Also created by the founders of Mountainside Medical Equipment, Emperors Best is the newest CBD product in the holistic healthcare market! Formulated and bottled on site, Emperors Best is your source for high quality, pure CBD Oil at an affordable price! Containing no pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, and non-GMO, you can ensure that with our CBD products, you are getting the purest form of CBD. 

Contains less than 0.3% THC, our CBD Oil is full spectrum, organic hemp extract, and also contains the beneficial MCT Coconut Oil for added health and wellness benefits! To get the most of our tincture, hold the liquid under your tongue for approximately 10 seconds, and then swallow. You can mix this with coffee, tea, or smoothies. 

Directions: We recommend beginning low and slow with .5ml once a day. If needed, increase to 1ml for 3 times a day. To read more about Emperors Best, click here

3. CBD 50mg Skin Patches with Vitamin B Complex  

Emperors Best CBD 50mg Skin Patches with Vitamin B Complex are topical CBD patches that have a time-release dosage providing extended periods of relief. These skin patches aid in relieving pain, combating anxiety and depression, treats seizures and epilepsy, helps to fight cancer, reduce the risk of diabetes, and treats sleep issues. 

4. CBD 600mg Full Spectrum Body Lotion with MCT Oil, Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter, 4 oz. 

Emperors Best CBD Full Spectrum 600mg Body Lotion contains MCT Oil, Cocoa Butter, and Shea Butter. Our CBD lotion absorbs quickly into your skin. Formulated with a base of shea butter and cocoa butter, our CBD lotion will leave your skin feeling hydrated. Note: apply directly to the skin as needed. For body use only, not intended for facial application. 

5. CBD Bacon Flavored Dog Treats, 30 Count  

CBD Dog Treats with Bacon Flavor are a delicious snack for your dog that is designed to help with arthritis, joint pain, mood, and overall health. Made with natural CBD hemp, our dog treats come in 30 chewable treats that your dog will love! 

6. Sterile Bacteriostatic Water - 30mL (2 pack)  

Bacteriostatic Water is a multi-use sterile water that is used for mixing or diluting solutions before injection. Bacteriostatic Water contains 0.9% benzyl alcohol as a bacteriostatic preservative. Once opened, you have 28 days to use it before discarding. Sanitize the top rubber stopped with an alcohol prep pad as an extra precaution to remove any extra debris. This bacteriostatic sterile water has also been used to mix solutions. 

7. Dynarex Instant Cold Pack 5X9 

The Dynarex instant cold pack is a cryotherapy ice pack for injuries to reduce swelling. This cold pack is a squeeze to activate the cold producing chemicals. Ready when you need them, the cold packs require no special preparation or refrigeration. Store them at room temperature and activate them in an instant with a firm squeeze and a gentle shake. Note: wrap the pack in a cloth cover and secure the cover with proper medical tape or rolled gauze. 

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