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Trending Thursday: Extreme Cold Safety Products

Trending Thursday: Extreme Cold Safety Products

We may think we're through with winter, but winter's never quite through with us. As this season has amply demonstrated, inclement weather can come out of nowhere. Even near the end of the season, extreme cold can hit, and it can stick around longer than expected. With this in mind, we're presenting some items that you may want to keep in your house or car to deal with the cold when it swoops down on us again.

1. Kemp Wool Emergency Blanket

Kemp Wool Emergency Blanket with 80% Real Wool

Every vehicle should have an emergency blanket. No matter how well-maintained your car or truck is, winter can get the best of it. It's always possible to slide out on ice or get stuck in on a snowy path. And you never know when you might encounter someone on the road who needs your help. Kemp's emergency blanket is made of 80% real wool and 20% synthetic fibers, perfect for freezing temperatures. This durable blanket is made for humanitarian and rescue organizations

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2. ADC Digital Hypothermia Thermometer

ADC Digital Hypothermia Thermometer

Many types of people are vulnerable to hypothermia: older adults, people with disabilities, patients with dementia, and people with substance abuse issues. If you have a practice in a cold climate, you may provide care for any of these patients. Even if you're a caregiver for a person in one of these situations, you may encounter weather conditions they're vulnerable to. ADC's Digital Hypothermia Thermometer has an extended temperature reading range and a 10/18 second reading time that lets you know quickly and accurately if your patient is in a stage of hypothermia. It can be used orally, rectally, or axillarily, and also comes with a cover, so you can ensure cleanliness and comfort for all patients. Last temperature recall helps you monitor your patient's temperature levels as you help them maintain warmth.

3. Disposable Instant Hot Packs

Disposable Instant Hot Pack

The best way to rewarm an extremity suffering from frostbite is soaking it in warm water, but a heated water source may not be available if you're traveling or outside. For those situations, a Dynarex Instant Hot Pack is the answer. These 5" x 9" packs are convenient, portable, and can reach up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit and stay heated for 20 minutes. They're easy to use, with a squeeze-to-activate design, making them an ideal choice to store in your first aid kit. These versatile packs can also be used to relieve pain from soreness, stiffness, and a variety of chronic physical ailments.

4. Alzheimer's Wandering Motion Alarm

Alzheimer's Wandering Motion Alarm

One of the most vulnerable populations during the winter is patients with dementia and other conditions that impair memory and judgment. Wandering, a condition common with these patients, can lead them outside where they have no protection from cold weather. Prevent that from happening to your patient or loved one with this Motion Alarm. This versatile alarm is easy to install just about anywhere and adjusts for precision motion detection. Crossing its 4" W and 98" H detection area will set off an 85 dB or chime alarm that lets you know where your loved one has gone.

5. Fieldtex Backpack First Aid Kit

Back Pack First Aid Kit Red

We've spotlighted our basic first aid kit in plenty of articles before, especially about items to have in your home or car, but for the winter outdoors you might want to consider something more exhaustive. The Fieldtex Backpack First Aid Kit contains over 125 items for treating outdoor injuries. Not only does it contain the assortment of bandages and gauze you would expect from a first aid kit, but it also contains pressure bandages, cold packs, a CPR life mask, a first aid guide, and even a rescue blanket. If you participate in outdoor sports or even just travel during the winter, this is the complete option to keep yourself safe.


Please consult with your doctor or other qualified health care professional before taking any medication, supplement, or beginning any health regimen.  

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