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10 Ways to Stay Active This Winter: Budget-Conscious Home Workout Equipment

10 Ways to Stay Active This Winter: Budget-Conscious Home Workout Equipment

If you're stuck inside this winter and your gym is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, don't despair: you can still get a powerful, full-body workout at home. You don't even have to buy expensive equipment! We know most people can't afford a $2,000 exercise bike with a required subscription to online spin classes, and many people don't have the space for a cardio machine. You can still get great results with these cost-effective, home workout equipment alternatives.

Jump Rope Workout Indoor Winter Exercise

      1. Dumbbells

      The demand for these has been high ever since the initial COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, but you can still find affordable sets at a variety of weights. They're a versatile option that you can incorporate into any aspect of your routine. You can find good dumbbells for an average of $1 to $4 per pound.

      2. Kettlebells

      Supplement your strength training with these weights that also give you an effective cardio workout through swinging exercises. These will cost an average of $1 to $3 per pound.

      3. Medicine Balls

      Another valuable tool to supplement your strength training, these can build upper body strength with a different range of motion than dumbbells. They're also useful for upping the intensity of your other workouts!

      Yoga Exercise Mat for Indoor Winter Workout

        4. Exercise or Yoga Mat

        One of the most valuable exercise tools you can own, a high-quality exercise mat can cost less than $40 and provide you with a cushion for yoga, stretching, ab exercises and more.

        5. Jump Ropes

        These can provide a high-intensity cardio workout for less than $20 and are perfect for interval training.

        6. Resistance Bands

        Extremely affordable (a full set may cost $30 or less unless you're buying a set made for physical therapy), these are common in physical rehab but can also be useful for starting a weight training program or adding difficulty to your normal workout. You may also want to look at resistance tubing!

        Suspension Trainers for Indoor Winter Exercise Workouts

        7. Suspension Trainers

        These convenient kits, adjustable to almost any location in your house (doorways, ceilings, walls, you name it!), can give you a full-body workout without taking up space. You can often find a quality set for $100 or less.

        8 BOSU Balls and Stability Balls

        These versatile devices can be used in a wide range of workouts, where they'll help you improve your balance and stability while offering many different cardio and strength training options.

        9. Workout Benches and Aerobic Steps

        Workout benches aren't just for dumbbells! You can use them for step-up and jumping exercises as a more versatile alternative to a plyometric box. Step aerobic tools can serve the same purpose!

        10. Online Workout Resources

        You don't have to pay for an expensive subscription to online classes. There are many different workout resources online that are totally free, whether it's apps, websites, YouTube channels, or other streaming platforms. Check out some of the best free workout resources right here!

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