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Curity Catheter Insertion Tray with Foley Catheter and Drainage Bag

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Curity 6014 Ultramer Foley Catheter Tray with catheter and drainage bag will provide you with everything you need for Foley catheter insertion and urine sampling. Complete with a sterile, latex free prep tray, this kit also includes a Curity Ultramer 2-way latex Foley catheter in the 16 Fr/5cc size, as well as a graduated Curity drainage bag complete with the Mono-Flo anti-reflux device, Safeguard needleless sampling port and Kendall’s Splashguard II drain spout. The catheter is coated in lubricating hydrogel, has large, smooth drainage eyes, a Bespak spring-loaded valve and a ribbed balloon. Sold by the tray.

Curity Foley Catheter Kit Includes:

  • Curity 2000mL drain bag
  • Graduated mesurements
  • Ultramer 2-way latex Foley catheter (16Fr 5cc)
  • 100% Latex free standard prep tray
  • Sold by:  Each

Manufacture: Kendall Healthcare (Now Covidien)

Product Number: 6014

A catheterization tray with all the best urological supplies on hand.

If you are looking for a complete catheterization kit, you’ve found it. The Curity Ultramer catheter tray isn’t just the average catheter prep tray, catheter and urine bag, this kit comes with all of the best catheterization products from Kendall. The drainage bag ensures easy sampling and safe, effective urine drainage, as well as easy, hands-free liquid monitoring with it's clear, graduated measurements. The catheter ensures smooth insertion, reducing urethral trauma, as well as easy, reliable inflation, and maximum drainage. The prep tray even comes with a labeled specimen sample cup for conveneient sampling from the easy-to-use sampling port in the urine bag. Use a Foley catheter kit that will provide you with the best tools on hand like the Curity Ultramer catheterization tray.



For easy, aseptic Foley catheter insertion and urine sampling.

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