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Pedinol Ureacin 20 Dry Skin Relief Cream


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Pedinol Ureacin-20 Urea Cream that moisturizes and heals dry, cracked skin. Ureacin-20 cream augments the skin’s capacity to absorb and retain moisture, revealing softer and more elastic skin. This easily applied topical lotion penetrates thick skin to help break down rough and tough calluses and add moisture to the skin, stimulating skin cell renewal and revealing softer, healthier, revitalized skin.

Pedinol Ureacin 20 Dry Skin Relief Cream Benefits:

    • Soothes, softens, moisturizes, and revitalizes dry skin, thick calluses, cracks, and fissures
    • Penetrates thick and tough areas of the skin
    • Breaks down and softens tough calluses
    • Stimulates skin cell renewal
    • Easily applied topical lotion
    • Contains 20% Urea
    • Packaged in 4 oz (113.4g) jar

      Pedinol Ureacin 20 Dry Skin Relief Cream

        • The active ingredient, 20% Urea, rehydrates the body’s natural moisture to revitalize the skin
          • Effectively penetrates thick, tough calluses and hardened areas of the skin, delivering moisture and helping break down the calluses
            • Works really well on tough calluses and thick skin on the heels and bottom of the feet
              • Can be used on the feet, hands, and other parts of the body


                1. ♦ Use as directed, following all instructions and guidelines on the label and in the product leaflet
                2. ♦ Apply gel to the targeted areas of the skin twice daily
                3. ♦ Ensure that the cap is replaced and closed tightly after each use
                4. ♦ Store at a controlled room temperature


                1. ♦ For external use only
                2. ♦ Use caution to avoid contact with the eyes, lips, or mucous membranes
                3. ♦ Do not use this product if there are any known sensitivities to any of its ingredients
                4. ♦ Like with other medications, keep this product out of reach of children
                5. ♦ Do not use on areas of broken skin
                6. ♦ If redness or increased irritation occurs while using this product, discontinue use and consult with a medical professional

                Brand: Valeant Pharmaceuticals

                Active Ingredient - 20% Urea

                Size: 4 ounces

                Inactive Ingredients - Water; urea; stearic acid; PEG-2 stearate SE; mineral oil; glycerin; sodium borate; DMDM hydantoin; triethanolamine; methylparaben; sodium hydroxide; diazolidinyl urea; propylparaben; lactic acid; trisodium EDTA


                Looking for a product that is powerful enough to penetrate those tough calluses and areas of thickened skin? Try this deeply penetrating moisturizing cream, which enhances the skin’s ability to retain moisture, reveling softer and revitalized skin. Order yours today for a great low price by shopping our conveniently easy to use website. Should you have any other questions, or prefer to order by phone, feel free to call us at 1-888-687-4334 and speak with one of our friendly Medical Supply Specialists.

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