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Summit Lifedop Hand-Held Doppler Combination Systems

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Summit Lifedop Hand-Held Doppler Systems are designed to provide you with an exceptional Doppler coupled with a variety of probes for different patient diagnoses. Available in either vascular or obstetrical Doppler systems, these units are versatile, durable and unmatched in sound sensitivity and quality.


Lifedop Doppler Systems Features:

  • L250 display Dopplers (choose from Vascular, Obstetrical or both)
  • Large digital display – battery life, signal quality, extended 50-220bpm heart rate
  • Superior sound quality
  • Enhanced probe sensitivity
  • Extended battery lifeEnhanced battery charging system – don’t have to worry about overcharging/draining batteries
  • interchangeable probes

*Price may vary depending on package chosen


Probe Types:

  • OB 2mHz Probe:  Wide-angle beam optimized for deep penetration for late term pregnancy and larger patients.
  • OB 3mHz Probe:  General purpose OB probe for early fetal heart detection through delivery. Wide-angle beam eases the time “hunting” for the heartbeat. Once detected, the sound is clearer than ever.
  • EchoHeart:  Transvaginal probe use for early fetal-heart detection for retroverted uterus and obese patients.
  • Vascular 8MHz Probe:  Great for general use. It utilizes a narrow beam for optimum sensitivity on superficial vessels.
  • Vascular 5MHz Probe:  Often used on larger patients, this probe uses a medium beam with great penetration for deeper vessels.
  • Vascular 4MHz Probe:  Perfect for quick location of flow. This probe utilizes a broad, flat beam, which makes it easy to stay on the vessel, even when blood flow is occluded by a cuff.



Why do I need a Doppler?

For high-risk patients who need exams more frequently, ultrasounds can be quite costly. Using an ultrasound system along with a high-quality obstetric Doppler unit can help save you money. They work much the same way, the only difference is that you cannot see the baby. With an OB doppler system you can hear the blood flow through the umbilical cord, placenta, the baby's brain and their heart to make sure everything is flowing properly and the fetus is receiving enough oxygen and nutrients.

Another use for a Doppler unit is to monitor blood flow through the arteries and veins in the arms, legs and neck. By gently passing the probe over the vein, the vascular Doppler unit can detect whether or not the flow is obstructed or decreased in some areas. This helps your doctor to prevent the onset of debilitating or even deadly strokes and blood clots in your patients. Summet provides a wide variety of Doppler systems, both obstetrical and vascular, with unparallelled quality in design, ease of use and sound clarity.

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