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Portable Boot & Shoe Dirt Remover

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SKU 715411-46410

The Portable Boot & Shoe Dirt Remover quickly, easily, and effortlessly cleans any dirt and debris off the sides and bottom of footwear. Unlike other mud mats that only remove the dirt and debris from the bottoms of shoes, this product features pliable rubber fingertips on the bottom and sides, plus it can be used with a variety of different styled footwear in any sizes. Hate it when the floors get cleaned just to have more dirt tracked inside? Place this Dirt Remover right outside the door to help keep your home or facility cleaner by reducing the amount of dirt and debris that gets tracked inside the building on the people’s shoes!



  • Removes dirt from the bottom and sides of footwear
  • Pliable rubber fingertips on side walls
  • Portable or permanent
  • Color: black
  • Overall dimensions: 2" x 12" x 15.25"
  • Sold by: the each



  • Quick and easy to use
  • Helps keep homes, offices, facilities, vehicles, etc cleaner
  • Works with any sized footwear
  • Can be permanently placed or taken with you for on-the-go use


This Boot & Shoe Dirt Remover is incredibly easy to use, even for those who have a bad back! Simple stand over the mat, position your foot so that the shoe is lined up in the center of the sidewalls, and move your foot back and forth with the bottom and sides pressed up against the pliable fingers on the mat until the dirt and debris has fallen off your shoes or boots! It really is that easy.


Product Number: 715411-46410


Help keep the home, facility, and vehicles cleaner by using the Portable Boot & Shoe Dirt Remover to eliminate dirt and debris from the sides and bottoms of any sizes footwear! Take advantage of special low pricing and place an order online today, or call to speak with a friendly service associate at 1-888-687-4334.

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