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LiceGuard Electronic Lice Comb, ZAP Themn on Contact

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LiceGuard Electronic Lice Comb is a lice-detection comb that will audibly let you know when lice is present and then destroy it on contact with an electrical pulse. Perfect for lice that has become resistant to shampoos and chemicals, this lice killing comb has no mess, odors, fragrance, gels or chemicals. It is a completely non-toxic lice treatment that can be used anywhere at anytime.

Zap Lice Dead on Contact

LiceGuard Electronic Lice Comb Features:

  • Used to detect and destroy adult lice on contact
  • Lets you know if lice is present with an audible signal
  • Great for lice that are resistant to chemical shampoos
  • No chemicals/non-toxic
  • No mess, no gels, no oils
  • No odor or fragrance
  • Use anywhere and anytime on dry hair
  • Reusable, easy to clean and economical
  • Travel sized
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How can the Robi Comb help me?

If you are part of a school or facility that regularly screens for head lice, the LiceGuard Robi Comb Electronic Lice Comb is for you. It not only tells you when adult lice is present, but kills them instantly. The dead louse can be removed from the comb with the cleaning brush (included) and an alcohol pad or germicidal spray can be used to safely sanitize it. It is easy to use and extremely time and money saving for a facility. If you’re using it at home, simply comb hair for 10-12 days to be sure that the lice and lice that has hatched are gone and follow with a shampoo to loosen the residual nits (lice eggs that have already hatched and are still attached to the hair). 

Buy LiceGuard Electronic Lice Comb and get rid of Lice today!


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