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RID Lice and Bed Bug Spray

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RID Lice and Bed Bug Spray designed to eliminate lice and their eggs, bed bugs, and dust mites on water-safe fabrics. This lice control spray features an easy-to-use spray application and produces reliable results with its synthetic pyrethoid permethrin formula.


  • Lice, lice egg, bed bug and dust mite eliminator
  • Reliable results
  • Contains synthetic pyrethoid permethrin
  • Made by America’s #1 lice killing brand
  • 5 oz spray can
  • Sold individually

Please Note: This product is not for use on humans or animals

To get rid of lice, bed bugs, and dust mites look no further than America’s leading brand of lice eliminating products!

About Head Lice
Signs & Symptoms of Head Lice:

  • Ticklish sensation caused by the activity of lice.
  • Itching caused by allergic reaction to bites.
  • Sores caused by scratching bites too frequently.

Catching Head Lice:
Preschool and elementary school children are most at-risk for catching head lice, which spread most readily through direct contact. This often happens while children are at play together, or together during school or sports. Head lice can also spread via infested clothing, especially hats, hair ribbons, or scarves; through infested brushes, combs, and towels; or even through infested furniture like beds and pillows.

Common Head Lice Myths:

  • Pets and other animals do not play a role in their spread.
  • Anyone can get a head lice infestation, and it is not a sign of poor hygiene.

Spotting Head Lice:
The simplest way to diagnose head lice is to find them on the scalp or hair of a person by using a fine-toothed comb and magnifying glass to search. Although small and fast-moving, a louse or nymph (an immature louse) may be found, particularly around the ears or near the neckline at the back of the head. Nits, or lice eggs, can be found attached to the hair shaft near the scalp.

Treating Head Lice:
In addition to the RID product instructions outlined above, treating a head lice infestation can be a multi-step process, as all other members of an affected person's household should be checked for signs of lice and treated with a lice-killing shampoo if diagnosed. After applying a shampoo, a fine-toothed lice comb should be used to remove lice and nits. Bedding, clothing, pillow cases, towels, and other washable fabric items worn or used by the affected should be thoroughly machine washed and dried with hot water and hot air cycles.

Learn more about preventing, spotting, and treating head lice at our blog!

Brand:  Bayer Corporation

UPC:  074300004211

RID Lice and Bed Bug Spray 5 oz. is a trusted product for the elimination of lice, bed bugs, and dust mites out of fabric items that are non-washable. Additionally, this lice control spray comes in an easy-to-use spray can and is trusted for efficacy.

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