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Advantage 6016N Ultra Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

by ADC
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Advantage 6016N Ultra Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a precise device that accurately measures your blood pressure and the rate of your pulse. It fits comfortably on your wrist and can retain up to 99 measurements from two people. 


  • - Smart Logic™ Technology determines ideal inflation level
  • - MAM Advantage™ Average mode automatically averages 3 readings for superior reporting accuracy
  • - Advanced 2 zone memory with date and time stamp recalls last 99 readings for two different people
  • - Optional PC Link Analyzer Software connects your blood pressure monitor to your PC to download and print data, graphs, charts, and tables of your readings.
  • - Can be used with Microsoft’s Healthvault (optional USB cable required) and then displayed on aps available for IOS, - Android, and Microsoft smart phones and tablets.
  • - Wrist cuff fits 5.3” to 7.7” wrists
  • - Auto off

Ideal Uses:

  • - Pulse
  • - Irregular heartbeat
  • - Systolic/diastolic

Instructions for use:

 Place the cuff on your wrist, let inflate, wait for readings, and release.    


    Manufacturer: American Diagnostic




                    Product #  6016N



Have an on the go unit to measure your blood pressure. Purchase the American Advantage Ultra Wrist Digital BP Monitor by dialing 1-888-687-4334. 

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Advantage 6016N Ultra Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor