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Full Electric Low Hospital Bed Package Deal

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SKU INV-BED38LOW-1633-Inside

The Full Electric Low Hospital Bed Package Deal is an interchangeable hospital style bed that is fully electric functional and an economical choice for patients with high-fall risk. This electric bed features an innerspring or foam mattress, 6-function bed pendant, and a durable, sturdy frame.


    • Full electric
    • Hospital style bed
    • Height adjustable
    • Assist rails
    • 6 function hand pendant
    • Innerspring mattress available
    • Foam mattress available


        • Overall dimensions:  88” (L) X 36” (W)
        • Sleep surface dimensions:  80” (L) X 36” (W)
        • Bed height:  9.5” (min) – 20” (max)
        • Patient weight capacity:  350 lbs
        • Total weight capacity:  450 lbs with accessories
        • 5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Welds
        • 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Mechanical/Electrical

          Full Electric Low  Hospital Bed Package Deal Options:

          • INV-BED38LOW-1633-inside - Innerspring - Home Delivery
          • INV-BED38LOW-1633-dock - Innerspring - Dock Delivery
          • INV-BED39LOW-1633-inside - Foam - Home Delivery
          • INV-BED39LOW-1633-dock - Foam - Dock Delivery

          The Full Electric Low Hospital Bed Package Deal offers great sleep support, with two mattress types available, and the ability to limit ground clearance, making it safe for fall risk patients. Additionally, this bed is easy to use and control for patients, and caregivers.

          What is the purpose of having a low hospital bed?

          Answer - Low hospital beds are designed for patients that may have a tendency to roll or fall out of bed during the night. The low bed minimizes the distance from the sleep surface to the floor, reducing the impact of the patient fall. The low bed is usually used in conjunction with a bedside floor mat to cushion the fall or absorb the impact. 

          How close to the floor does this high-low bed go?

          Answer - In the lowest position, the bed can get down to is 9 1/2" from the floor to the deck.

          If the power goes out can this bed still be lowered?

          Answer - Yes, Invacare supplies a manual hand crank that can be used underneath the foot board.

          Is the bed motor loud?

          Answer - No, Invacare hospital beds are known to be so quiet that you can't even hear them work. Invacare has been selling beds for over 25 years and have made leaps and bounds over the competition with the technology and solid structure of there beds.

          Do the head and foot scratch easily?

          Answer - Invacare pays special attention to the materials used to make there head and foot boards. They are constructed of a high-impact, scratch resistant laminate material. The lamiante material is easy to spray and wipe clean. The head and foot boards are also interchangeable.

          Does the low bed have any kind of warranty?

          Answer - Yes, The Invacare High- low bed has a 5 year warranty of all welds and frame. Also a 2 year warranty on any mechanical or electrical parts.

          Is the motor waterproof?

          Answer - No, It is not completely waterproof, but the motor system is surrounded with waterproof enclosures that are rated to IP66 standards. Power Pressure washing is not recommended.


          Will the caster wheels mark-up my floors?

          Answer - No, Invacare makes all their hospital bed caster wheels with a special non-marring material that glides on the floor without leaving any rubber makes behind. 

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