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Pandemic Swine Flu Family Protection Kit with Childrens Masks

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Keep your family protected against airborne germs with the Family Swine Flu Kit. This multi-use flu kit is a specialty medical kit used to prevent cross contamination during a pandemic flu outbreak. It ensures that you have the necessary safety products should a pandemic occur. Easy to store in the home or on the go, and available in a durable storage box, this flu protection kit is enough to protect multiple users during a flu outbreak.


Swine Flu Kit contains:

10  - Disinfectant Wipes

4    - Child Sized Face Masks

4    - Adult Sized Face Masks (N95)

2    - Adult Sized Cover Gowns

2    - Child Sized Cover Gowns

2    - Hand Sanitizer Bottles 4 oz

6    - Pair of Non Latex Gloves

1    - Digital Thermometer with 25 Disposable Sheaths

1    - Plastic Hand Case


About Influenza Pandemics:
Instances of pandemic flu, the global outbreak of a new strain of the influenza A virus, are irregular and tough to predict. Unlike seasonal flu, which occurs regularly and with readily available vaccines, a pandemic may not allow for a large supply of vaccines in its early stages. A pandemic flu also spreads more easily, as few people have immunity to the virus. Preventing transmission through standard infection control such as sanitizing, disinfecting surfaces, and preventing physical contact with those infected with the virus. This can be seen in the masks worn during the 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic, and which are still often used during seasonal flu outbreaks.

Facts About Influenza Pandemics:

  • Pandemic influenza spreads like the normal flu virus: by contact with droplets made by coughing, sneezing, or talking near a person.
  • Few people have immunity to pandemic influenza.
  • Predicting groups at risk of complications from pandemic flu is difficult.
  • Limited stockpiles of pre-pandemic flu vaccines and flu antiviral medications are maintained by the United States government.
  • Public health responses are behavioral in the early stages. Social distancing, masks, and hygienic products are commonly suggested during a pandemic.


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