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Naloxone First Responder Kit

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Naloxone Overdose Reversal Kit is used help save lives and fight the opioid and heroin overdose epidemic. Naloxone is a opioid antagonist used to reverses the effects of opioid and heroin overdoses by blocking the receptors in the brain for 30-90 minutes. 

Kit Includes:

  • (1) 2ml boxes of Naloxone / needless luer-lock syringes
  • (1) Mucosal atomization device
  • (1) Rescue breathing barrier 
  • (1) Documentation card
  • (2) Nitrile gloves


  • Used to reverse opioid drug overdoses and save lives
  • Safe, easy to administer, and fast-acting
  • FDA approved
  • Complete kit containing all the supplies needed for administering Naloxone
  • Assembled in a brightly colored soft pouch with a zipper closure
  • Clearly labeled as a Naloxone Kit using big, bold lettering that is easy to read


  • Administering Naloxone during an opioid overdose will revive the individual within about 2-5 minutes, sending them directly into the withdrawal phase
  • Approved by the FDA for treating and preventing drug overdoses
  • Won’t cause harm if administered to someone who isn’t overdosing on opioids
  • Safe for use with people of all ages, races, and backgrounds
  • Helps reduce the number of deaths caused by opioid drug overdoses
  • Includes all of the supplies that are needed to safely administer Naloxone
  • Conveniently assembled in a hard case box

**Please note that the effects of the Naloxone will wear off after 60-90 minutes of being administered. Once the Naloxone wears off it is likely that the individual will resume suffering from their overdose again, which can cause them to re-lose consciousness and stop breathing again. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure that the individual receives proper medical care as soon as possible after the administration of Naloxone.  

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Naloxone First Responder Kit with Hard Case