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Airlife Standard Nasal Cannula with 7 Foot Tubing

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SKU 001320

AirLife nasal cannulas offer flexibility and comfort. These cannulas are specifically designed with durable, crush-resistant lumen tubing for long-lasting use, and a beveled, angulated lip plate for superior comfort in the nasal area. For lasting wear that is both comfortable and functional, use AirLife nasal cannulas.

AirLife Nasal Cannula Features:

  • Flared tips
  • Crush-resistant lumen tubing
  • Angulated flexible lip plate
  • Beveled tip
  • 7 ft tubing (84")

Manufacturer:  Cardinal Healthcare / CareFusion
Product Number:  001320

AirLife standard nasal cannulas, manufactured by Cardinal Health, are designed for the efficient delivery of oxygen therapy while providing the maximum in patient comfort. Crush-resistant cannula tubing ensures effective oxygen delivery through tips specifically engineered to sit comfortably in the patient’s nasal passage. AirLife provides a durable nasal cannula enabling safe, comfortable, long term use.

Nasal cannula tubing from AirLife is designed to prevent crushing and kinking. Cannulas in general are highly susceptible to bends and folds, however, AirLife’s crush resistant lumen tubing is designed to withstand daily use and provide continuous oxygen delivery.

Cardinal Health has also designed their AirLife standard nasal cannulas for ease of use and comfort with the patient in mind. An angulated flexible lip plate allows the tips to rest comfortably just below the nasal passage for better positioning and to reduce pulling. Connecting the cannula tubing are flared tips that can be positioned comfortably within the nasal passage and provide rapid and evenly distributed oxygen flow.

For individuals requiring oxygen therapy, AirLife standard nasal cannulas have been designed to provide the highest in comfort and quality providing a durable and affordable solution.

Order AirLife standard nasal cannula online or call us to speak with a trained associate for more product details today!


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Quality Cannula

Quality 7 Foot Cannula with Curved, Flared Tips. Priced at $1.15 each when I bought it, it was a good buy. Comfortable fit. If you like flared, curved nostril tips, try it.


Airlife Standard Nasal Cannula with 7 Foot Tubing

Best Flared Tip Cannula

My favorite flared tip cannula. Very comfortable and the main lumen doesn't kink. Perfect for my Inogen One G3 in a backpack but I wish they made it with a 4 foot lumen.


This is my second order I love the fit and it stays in place with a comfortable snug feeling I have tried many and I am using my oxygen 24 hrs so comfort is at the top of my list love this product

5 star

Airlife Standard Nasal Cannula with 7 Foot Tubing