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Pico Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Pump with 7-Day Dressing


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PICO Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) system with dressing is a advanced wound care device that removes exudate for chronic acute wounds and improved healing time. Negative-pressure wound therapy enhances wound healing and helps with delayed or impaired wound healing. The Smith & Nephew PICO negative pressure system consists of a pump and two sterile dressing kits. The PICO pump maintains negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) at 80 mmHg (nominal) +/- 20 mmHg to the wound surface. Exudate is managed by the dressing through a combination of absorption and evaporation of moisture through the outer film. PICO is indicated for patients who would benefit from a suction device (negative pressure wound therapy) as it may promote wound healing via removal of low to moderate levels of exudate. Examples of appropriate wound types include: chronic, acute, traumatic, subacute and dehisced wounds, partial-thickness burns, ulcers (such as diabetic or pressure), flaps and grafts, and closed surgical incisions. Pico Single use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System is suitable for use both in hospital and homecare settings.

Treatments involves a special dressing placed in the wound or over a graft or flat and a pump that creates negative pressure within the wound bed. The negative-pressure device removes excess wound fluids that may cause maceration or delayed healing and stimulates the growth of healthy granulation tissue. Negative pressure also increases local blood flow, reduces edema, and draws the wound edges together.

Brand: Smith & Nephew

What causes Pressure Ulcers?

Pressure ulcers can be caused by: pressure from a hard surface: such as a bed or wheelchair. pressure that is placed on the skin through involuntary muscle movements: such as muscle spasms. perspiration or incontinence which can break down the outer layer of the skin (epidermis).

PICO is intended for use in wound sizes (surface area x depth) up to 400 c.c. which are considered to be low to moderately exudating

The PICO kit is intended to be used for a maximum of 7 days on low exudating wounds and 6 days on moderately exudating wounds.

How to Use the PICO Negative Pressure Therapy System Instructions

1. Remove any excess hair to ensure close approximation of the dressing to the wound. If necessary, irrigate the wound with sterile wound wash saline and gently pat the wound dry.
2. Using a clean technique, peel off the central release handle and place the dressing centrally over the wound to reduce the chance of wound fluid coming in contact with the port. The port should be uppermost from the wound (depending on the patient's primary position), placed on intact skin and not extending over the wound to prevent fluid pooling around the port and blocking the negative pressure. Remove the other two handles and smooth the dressing around the wound to prevent creasing. Reposition if required to ensure border in not creased.
3. Once the dressing is in place, remove the pump and the batteries from the tray. Insert the batteries. Replace the cover. Following this three light should flash once.
4. Join the pump to the dressing by twisting together the tubing connectors. Press the orange button to start the application of negative pressure. The green light will start to flash (indicates system is working OK. depending on the size of the wound, the pump should take up to 30 seconds to establish negative pressure wound therapy. If after 30 seconds the system has not established negative pressure wound therapy, the amber air leak light will illuminate. To troubleshoot refer to instructions inside the kit


      • Patient friendly wound care: PICO reduces therapy time and dressing change frequency, and it is comfortable to wear.
      • Compact, discreet design: Fits in pocket/on belt like cell phone for increased mobility and easier routine wear.
      • Single use kit: Seven day use time, then just recycle the device when you’re done!
      • Cost effective NPWT system: With PICO you will save in wasted dressings, canisters and wound therapy costs.
      • Saves time: Patient hospital dressing changes and length of patient care
      • Revolutionary dressing technology: PICO produces 80 mmHg pressure is easy to learn, easy to apply and easy to operate.

      Risk factors: Cleaning and care of wounds may temporarily increase the patient's pain and increases the risk of infection.

      Preparation:  Prepare a place for the supplies within reach. Warm the sterile irrigating solution to 90° to 95° F (32° to 35° C) to reduce discomfort. Pour irrigating solution into the container of the irrigation kit.

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      its happenings now

      we used for 8 days and we were at rehab hospital, and at 1051pm didnt work no lights nor anything in a very complicated wound, so we panic, we look the video, and instruction from the doctor at the nurse pc. and we were scare, we dont know what to do. and the nurses either.


      Pico Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Pump with 7-Day Dressing

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