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LIFE SoftPac AED Companion Portable Oxygen Unit

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The LIFE SoftPac AED Companion O2 Unit is a lightweight and conveniently portable emergency oxygen unit weighing only 6 pounds. This life-saving unit is ideal for frequent carrying and makes a great companion for the AED. This life-saving unit has an inhaler to provide emergency oxygen to breathing victims before the onset of fibrillation and a resuscitator to provide oxygen enriched mouth-to-mask CPR to non-breathing victims and provide continued supplemental oxygen following successful defibrillation.


LIFE SoftPac AED Companion O2 Unit Features:

  1. Saves lives during respiratory emergencies
  2. Inhalator to deliver supplemental oxygen to breathing victims
  3. Resuscitator to deliver oxygen enriched mouth-to-mask CPR to non-breathing victims
  4. 40 Minute oxygen supply @ 6 liters per minute
  5. 250 Liter aluminum "C" cylinder
  6. Resuscitation LIFE CPR mask
  7.  “Knurled knob” on/off valve
  8. Constant O2 supply reading gauge
  9. 4 ½" D x 7 ½" W x 15" H
  10. Comfortable handle and shoulder strap
  11. Convenient wall mount hook
  12. Weighs only 6 lbs.
  13. 6 & 12 LPM- "NORM"   & "HIGH" (2 settings) provides the recommended 100% inspired O2
  14. 5 year manufacturer’s warranty


Why the LIFE SoftPac AED Companion O2 Unit is the Best:

  1. Meets the FDA regulation and AHA recommendation
  2. This lightweight unit comes with a comfortable handle and durable shoulder strap, making it conveniently portable
  3. Quickly and easily monitor the O2 supply anytime by using the constant reading gauge (other units need to be turned on in order to get oxygen supply readings)
  4. Comes with easy to follow external instructions to help guide users through the life-saving process
  5. The included resuscitation CPR mask will conveniently fit both adults and children
  6. The oxygen cylinder is easily disposable/replaceable or refillable at local gas distributors
  7. The  “Knurled knob” on/off valve is durable and easy-to-use

 Product # - LIFE-2-612


Manufacturer: LIFE Corporation


Don’t skip a beat, and like the boy scouts motto says, “always be prepared.” Have your portable life-saving unit on hand and ready to go when a respiratory emergency strikes. Be prepared to save a life by ordering yours today. Place an order using our conveniently easy-to-use online store or by calling 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our friendly medical supply specialists and place an order by phone.

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